Today’s Twister – SSK


Twister… This post is on the never-ending drama in any show, which is liked by the viewers solely for the melodramatic factor, without much logic depicted.

Simar and Paatali Devi have a final fight at the Mata Rani temple. The spiritual chunri falls over Simar. Paatali Devi came to take Simar with her. Devika saved Simar at the final moment. Devika has caught Paatali Devi’s soul in the coconut. Simar will get fine completely. Devika will also leave the Bharadwaj family.

Devika goes to some place by taking Mata ji’s permission. Devika ties the coconut in the chunri and ties it to the tree. Strong winds blow and the coconut falls. Paatali Devi gets freed and now Devika faces her wrath. The coconut falls down and Devika’s hardwork fails. Paatali Devi says I will go, but not alone, I want to take Simar with me. Bharadwaj family was thinking they got freed from evil. They celebrate lohri and wanted to burn all evil in the lohri fire. They get happy as Simar and Prem united again. Mata ji wants to break Prem and Devika’s marriage by some ritual.



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