TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilersIKRS added…


Swara and Sanskaar’s kundlis get burnt. There is new hurdle. Swara got her kundli to give to Sanskaar’s family for matching. But there is abshagun as her kundli gets burnt. Pandit was matching kundlis, this happens when pandit ji was praising kundli matching. Swara and Sanskaar come back from temple and get shocked by this bad sign. Ragini’s Maasi is behind all this. She will bring more problems for Swara.


Raman throws a party. Ishita, Shagun, Raman and family dance with Tusshar and Aftab. There will be big twist in the show post this rocking party.


Akshara wins the car race, which is kept for blind people. Sangram drives the car. Akshara becomes Sangram’s navigator. Akshara takes part in blinds’s car rally and Naitik wanted to make her participate. The family also supports Akshara. They get to know Sangram is Akshara’s car driver. Naitik worries as Sangram is responsible for her blindness. Akshara gets shocked too as Sangram drives the car. Sangram drives rashly and she argues with him. Sangram has changed by the guilt. Sangram wants to prove that he has changed, and they win the race. Akshara was scared that Sangram can play a new plan now. Sangram and Akshara’s race victory brings happiness. Akshara gets the trophy and says Sangram is the real winner. She reaches her family safe and believes Sangram again. Sangram wants forgiveness from Singhania family. Akshara feels proud holding the trophy. She poses with the families. Dada ji blesses Akshara and praises her courage. Naitik did not expect Sangram to win the race. Akshara forgives Sangram.

Qubool Hai:

Khan Begum is back as show is ending. Khan Begum is back as a savior for Mahira. Khan Begum has become positive and saving Mahira from Amaad. Amaad was marrying Mahira. Mahira is helpless and marrying Amaad as Amaad has kidnapped her child. Mahira is marrying him to save her child.

Jamai Raja:

Kunal applies mehendi to Roshni by forcing her. Roshni cries and prays that Sid comes on time to save her. Kunal misbehaves with Roshni. Sid and DD were kidnapped by Kunal. Sid beats the goons and get freed from kidnappers clutches. It’s challenge for Sid to reach Roshni on time.


Simar and Paatali Devi have a final fight at the Mata Rani temple. The spiritual chunri falls over Simar. Paatali Devi came to take Simar with her. Devika saved Simar at the final moment. Devika has caught Paatali Devi’s soul in the coconut. Simar will get fine completely. Devika will also leave the Bharadwaj family.


Gaura and Kokila dance together in Sona’s function. Gaura has forgiven Kokila and hugs her. the entire family gets shocked seeing their friendship. Kokila surrenders to Gaura and ends all enmity. She supports Gaura against her Modi family, which shocks the family.


Mohi and Shanta settle scores, as both have each other’s secret. Mohi suggests Shanta to be tight lipped about her marriage trust. She asks Shanta to drop the hatred from her heart and stay peacefully. While Ayush wishes to leave Mohi to Bhuvana and not get her back, Anusha insists Ayush and Mohi to come back soon. Ayush and Anusha plan a honeymoon while Ayush and Mohi return from Bhuvana. Anusha asks Mohi to come back within two days, as they all love her a lot. Mohi’s heart starts sinking while she leaves from Gokhale house.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum:

Manvi gets glad to know Rahul has planned a surprise for her. A lady tells her to go to the lake in the car arranged by Rahul. Manvi gets surprised seeing the decorations and sweet efforts by Rahul. Rahul plans to make Manvi’s birthday special and not let her miss her family. Meanwhile, Durgapur Jagir’s secret will be out soon.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Viplav gets angry by Dhaani’s arrest and goes to confront Kanak for it. Viplav gets Dhaani freed from jail and shows trust in her. He asks Dhaani not to feel guilty of anything and also remarks Dhaani’s innocene to Kanak. Kanak tries attempting suicide and Viplav stops her. Kanak and Tripurari’s planning gets in Dasharath’s sight. Dasharath senses something is fishy and doubts on Kanak. Dasharath asks Dhaani to organize a puja and gives her the responsibility. This shocks Kanak. Dhaani turns a savior for Dasharath and saves him from the aghori Babas. Viplav and Dhaani join hands to find proof against Tripurari, being sure that Tripurari has killed Shambu.



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