TR’s Quick Reads




Kokila keeps Sona and Tolu’s reception. She calls parlor artists to get her new look. Kokila invited Gaura and gifts her a beautiful saree. Kokila falls in Gaura’s feet and apologizes to her.

Balika Vadhu:

Akhiraj has kidnapped Ganga. Anandi, Nimboli, Jagya and Mangla come to find Ganga, and wonder where Akhiraj kept her. Dadisaa dreams that Akhiraj has killed the entire family and gets cardiac arrest.

Ishita will be trapped in someone’s murder blame. A lady lawyer will be entering the track, who would keep a bad condition infront of Raman to get Ishita freed from the murder case.


Paatali Devi’s evil will end soon, as Mata ji and family face the evil together. Mata ji, Roli, Devika and everyone target Paatali Devi.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni and Kunal’s marriage rituals start and Sid gets into a huge fight with Kunal. Roshni cries and is not ready to marry Kunal. Bansi emotionally blackmails Roshni and targets Nani. Bansi tortures Nani and asks Roshni to sign the divorce papers. Roshni tears the divorce papers and scolds Bansi, saying Sid is her love, they both can die for each other.


Lakhan makes Poonam ready while she is in hospital. He makes her do Shringaar and helps her, to make her feel good.


Ragini will know Laksh’s truth that he is acting to love her. Ragini gets shattered and commits suicide.


Rana ji is marrying Rageshwari. Gayatri cries seeing Rageshwari hugging Rana ji. Gayatri does tapasya and holds burning diya in her hand. Rageshwari wants to kill Rana ji. Badi Rani tells her to trouble Rana ji all his life. Rageshwari takes sindoor and goes to Rana ji. Badi Rani is happy to see Gayatri in pain.



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