TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers


Simar has reached Paatal lok with Devika. Devika asks her to cross the chess floor. Simar gets stuck and calls Devika asking her to save her. Devika has left Simar alone. Simar’s journey to Paatal lok have just begin. If she does any mistake then she will die. Anyhow Simar reaches Paatal lok somehow, but Paatali Devi couldn’t do see her because of Devimaa’s blessings. It is yet to be seen Simar’s stunt in Pataal lok and if she will return back home defeating Paatali Devi.


Ishita has done murder to save Pragati. Ishita kills Mr. Chadda to save Pragati. Pallavi calls Ishita and informs her life is in danger. Mr. Chadda comes to know that Rohit is Pragati’s illegitimate son with her boyfriend and gets furious. He takes her to room and tries to kill her. Ishita comes there to rescue her. Mr. Chadda tries to take the knife and it gets stabbed in his stomach killing him instantly. Pragati tells Ishita that they shall dump the body, but Ishita surrender herself. There will be new entry of the lady who will fight Ishita’s case. Very soon Ruhi will be kidnapped by the terrorist, and Ishita and ACP will try to rescue her.


Shesha comes to the house in disguise of Shivanya, as Shivanya is injured and she has to take her place so that nobody doubts on Shivanya. She comes to Rithik’s parents room to get the book, but she couldn’t get the book because of the moon. She becomes snake and leaves from there. Shesha wonders how Shivanya used to do kitchen work and gets irritated with the family.


Dharam loves Meera very much and shocks everyone as he burns the divorce papers. Ahem sends divorce papers to Gaura’s house with a lawyer. Gaura thinks Dharam should forget Meera. Dharam burns the divorce papers. Lawyer threatens to send him to jail for burning the law papers. Gaura beats the lawyer with slipper and threatens him with knife. Lawyer runs from there. It is yet to be seen what does Modi family do? Dharam tells Gaura that he will write Meera’s name on his heart. He says he loves her genuinely from his heart. Gaura asks if he is gone mad and stops him.


Roshni gets ready to celebrate her suhaag raat with her new husband Kunal……Sid aka Jyoti Tai helps her get ready. Roshni says Sid came to rescue her. She says Roshni is sure that nothing will happen to her until Sid is around her. Sid have played a trick. He has mixed mirchi in Kunal’s hand gajra. Kunal starts sneezing after coming to room. Roshni sees him sneezing. Jyoti comes to room and takes Roshni with her/him.


Sandhya gets a threatening letter during the arrangements of 26th Jan. She decides to celebrate the republic day function.


Abhi is sad and repenting to doubt on Pragya. Abhi’s heart is very sad today and his tears is speaking his truth now. He has understood that Aaliya and Tanu were after his money and was betraying them. Pragya supports him and says your goodness couldn’t see his real face. She says Dadi and everyone love you very much.


Swara asks Urvashi to leave the house. She accuses her for putting garland on Sharmistha’s photo. Urvashi says Swara thinks I have put garland on Sharmistha’s photo, but it might have been done by jiji.



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