Gopi realizes Kokila’s kidnapping; Emotional drama to follow…



The ideal Modi family saas-bahu Jodi has broken, and everyone wonder why is Gopi against Kokila. Fake Kokila starts emotional torture to her family. Kokila starts leaving house, and everyone convince her to stay back. Kokila did drama that she is regretting to take wrong decision for Meera, and leaves the decision making powers to Gopi. She removes all her jewelry and gets in plain clothes, to show that she has no rights in this house now. Gopi slaps her knowing she is not real Kokila.

Gopi has come to know that the lady in her house is fake Kokila. She goes to confront the doppelganger. Fake Kokila makes her talk to Kokila who is kidnapped by her. Gopi talks to Kokila and requests the fake one to free her mum in law. Gopi begs to fake Kokila to leave Kokila, and she won’t tell anyone about her. Fake Kokila continuously slaps Gopi and tries suffocating her neck. Gopi falls down by the continuous slaps. Gopi gets hurt and bears everything to save her mum in law. Fake Kokila will try to leave the house, and this drama will be blamed on Gopi. She wants to emotionally blackmail Ahem and others, and make Gopi fall in their eyes. She takes the slap revenge from Gopi. Gopi says I will do whatever fake Kokila says. Gopi falls in her feet. How will Gopi save real Kokila? Keep reading.


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