Dharam-Meera angle to bring major twists…



Kokila welcomes Dharam at home and does his aarti. Kokila gives Meera’s hand to Dharam and accepts him as Meer’s husband. Ahem refuses to accept Dharam as his son in law. Dharam requests Ahem to allow Meera to come with them. Ahem throws the aarti plate and scolds Dharam. Kokila raises hand on Gopi. Meera cries seeing the drama at home and blames herself for all the problems. Gaura comes to Modi house to get her bahu Meera. She says she will not leave Meera in Modi house, as her parents will never allow Meera to come even if Meera wills to come. Kokila called Gaura and Dharam to come and take Meera. Kokila’s invitation did not go well with Ahem and Gopi. Meera locks herself in the room and apologizes to Ahem. Ahem convinces her to come out. Dharam tells Gaura that he will not force Meera to come with them. He asks Gaura not to pressurize Meera and leaves.

Kokila asks Gopi to be in her limits. Gopi slaps Kokila for the first time in her life. Their arguments have gone high. Kokila wants Meera to go back to Gaura’s house. Gopi does not want Meera to go. Gopi crossed all limits today for her daughter.


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