Highlight: Ritik senses Shivanya in danger in Naagin



Sesha comes to the house in disguise of Shivanya, as Shivanya is injured and she has to take her place so that nobody doubts on Shivanya. She comes to Ritik’s parents room to get the book, but she couldn’t get the book because of the moon. She becomes snake and leaves from there. Sesha wonders how Shivanya used to do kitchen work and gets irritated with the family.


Shivanya is in trouble and Ritik has understood this. Ritik visualizes Shivanya is in big problem. He worries for Shivanya as a glass breaks by his hands. Sesha as Shivanya is present around him. Ritik feels something is wrong, as he can’t see his Shivanya in Sesha. He loves Shivanya and emotionally connects with her. He feels Shivanya is in danger and calls her name out. Yamini explains him that Shivanya is here. Sesha comes to him and says she is fine. Yamini pacifies Ritik. Sesha falls in problem, as Ritik always wants Shivanya with him. Sesha has to leave for Shiv temple to see Shivanya.


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