Sid to succeed in winning Roshni by Jyoti Tai’s avatar…


jamai raja211

Siddharth fights with the goons and saves Roshni. She beats the goons like Chachi 420. Jyoti Tai have come as Chachi 420 and beat goons. The goons fall on the ground. Roshni is surprised to see Jyoti Tai beating the goons. Some goons teases Kunal and Roshni, but Jyoti Tai beats the goons, and Sid proves his love for Roshni. Sid has impressed Roshni while Kunal is shocked to see Jyoti Tai beating goons badly.


Sid/Jyoti Tai’s new avatar is of ghost. Sid’s ghostly look scares everyone present in the house. He looks like a real ghost. Kunal gets scared seeing Sid’s ghostly look. Jyoti Tai tells Kunal that I won’t let your marriage happen. You want to marry after ruining my life. She hits Kunal with her legs. Jyoti Tai is enacting and feigning as a soul have entered her body. Kunal says Premal and Bansi have killed his sister, and Sid came to know about this. He is just scaring them and making them belief that Kunal’s sister soul have entered him/her. Bansi is shocked as well as Purvi’s ghost have entered Jyoti Tai. This is Sid’s attempt to stop Kunal and Roshni’s marriage.


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