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Kanak makes it clear to Dhaani that she doesn’t wish to see her marrying her son and hurts her also. Dasharath starts suspecting Kanak. Meanwhile, Dhaani and Viplav spend some romantic moments after donating gold cat in the temple. Viplav surprises Dhaani and shows their wedding card. Dhaani gets happy and smiles. Viplav confesses his love again. Dhaani comes to meet Viplav and Kanak follows her. Viplav gets irked seeing Kanak accompanying Dhaani. Kanak does not let them meet. Dhaani desperately tries to meet Viplav and spend some time. Kanak keeps Mata Ki chowki and makes Dhaani busy.


Swara and Sanskaar dance while Ragini and Laksh dance happily along everyone. It is Swara’s sangeet. This is double celebration, Laksh and Ragini are marrying as well, along Swara and Sanskaar. Sanskaar and Laksh dance on Tenu leke mai javanga……….. and propose their partners. Urvashi calls Swara and tells her that Kavita is upto somethin dangerous and alerts her. The twist will come that police will come after this party. Police will arrest Swara for Urvashi’s murder, and Kavita will get Swara kidnapped to make her disappear. Kavita plays a big game to marry Sanskaar. Kavita has killed Urvashi. With Urvashi’s death, Swara falls in trouble as blame has come on her. Kavita asks Sanskaar to marry her, if he wants to save Swara. Swara’s stay in jail gets tough. Sanskaar unhappily agrees to marry Kavita to save Swara. Ragini and Sanskaar team up to prove Swara innocent.

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Bihaan scares Thapki by knife. Thapki gets shocked. Bihaan then explains that this knife is remedy for her problem. Shraddha has mixed fevicol in the milk and made Thapki drink that milk. Thapki’s lips get stuck and Bihaan gets the knife to open Thapki’s lips. She gets tensed that she will get hurt, but could not speak up to stop him. Bihaan asks her to just trust him once and let him try. Bihaan succeeds to free her lips, and she starts scolding him. Their nok jhok continues. Bihaan and Thapki take first step towards love. Later, Sanjay’s NRI friends make fun of Suman for being illiterate villager. No one takes a stand for Suman except Thapki. Thapki gives a right answer to the NRIs and take Suman’s side. Suman gets touched by Thapki’s words and thanks her.


Simar’s house has a ghost haunting now. Simar gets signs that there is ghost in Mata ji’s room, and finds the room messed up. She cleans the room, and finds torn sarees and broken crockery. The four ghosts will be new villains in the show. Mata ji does not know about the ghosts. Simar feels Mata ji is troubled by some spirits and that’s why staying unwell. Mata ji is behaving strange. Simar notices that Mata ji is seeing somewhere else while talking to Simar. Simar wakes up Mata ji and hopes her fear is not true.


Chakor is locked in the storeroom and Bhaiya ji tells everyone that he will kill Chakor the next day. With this announcement, Kasturi prays for Chakor’s life. Girja goes to help Chakor and asks her to run away. She makes Chakor escape, while Bhaiya ji’s goons catch Chakor again. Bhaiya ji orders his men to throw Chakor in the well and kill her. Arjun gets to know about Chakor’s state, and decides to save her. Arjun takes Chakor away in nick of the time. Chakor refuses to leave her family and go away from Aazaadgunj.



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