TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Siya Ke Ram:

Everyone gears up for Sita’s Swayamvar. There will be 4 grand mandaps for the royal wedding of four jodis. Finally, the most awaited wedding is here. Sita is holding up her emotions for her Ram. She wears heavy jewelry and outfit. There will be Maha Sangeet before the marriage. Sita’s sisters also wear heavy outfits with royal jewellery. Maryada Puroshottam Ram left his palace with the baraat. It is the big grand royal wedding of the television showing ancient times.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya will unite today as they want to get lost in each other’s embrace. Pragya hugs Abhi and cries. Abhi feels love again. Valentine day have brought them together, and they were miles away from Tanu’s conspiracy. Abhi surprises Pragya and takes her on an outing, but it will not be preplanned. Pragya is worried for her mum Sarla as she went missing. She searches for her mum. Very soon she will find her mum.


Everyone is happy as happiness have returned to Bharadwaj family after a long time. They are dancing and celebrating Anjali’s birthday. Mata ji also dances shedding her serious image, and enjoys with family. Simar says we came out from a troubled period and is now celebrating Anjali’s birthday in a party. Suddenly cake falls down on floor as Pari collides with the table. Pari feels bad as Anjali couldn’t cut the cake and everyone get tensed. Mata ji stopped Simar not to pick the cake. Simar feels strange as Mata ji was looking back when nobody was standing there.

Jamai Raja:

Sid/Jyoti Tai’s new avatar is of ghost. Sid’s ghostly look scares everyone present in the house. He looks like a real ghost. Kunal gets scared seeing Sid’s ghostly look. Jyoti Tai tells Kunal that I won’t let your marriage happen. You want to marry after ruining my life. She hits Kunal with her legs. Jyoti Tai is enacting and feigning as a soul have entered her body. Kunal says Premal and Bansi have killed his sister, and Sid came to know about this. He is just scaring them and making them belief that Kunal’s sister soul have entered him/her. Bansi is shocked as well as Purvi’s ghost have entered Jyoti Tai. This is Sid’s attempt to stop Kunal and Roshni’s marriage.


Ritik gets romantic with Shivanya and dances on a popular song. Shivanya asks him why he gets romantic again and again and stares at him to scare him. She scolds him for drinking wine and getting close to her. She says why you are crossing limits and reminds of their friendship relation and nothing much than that. Ritik gets angry and throws the stuff in the room. Actually Ritik decorates the room to give her surprise, but Shivanya shocks him with angry words. Sesha is trying to make Ritik hate Shivanya, and that’s why she has taken her avatar and scolded Ritik. Later, Shivanya takes care of Ritik as he gets ill and be with his side.

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Hetal comes to Gopi’s room and brings food plate. Gopi beats Hetal and holds her hairs angrily. Hetal couldn’t figure out what has happened to Gopi, as she behaves as if some ghost entered her or as if she has gone mad. She asks Hetal to shout. Prem Latha aka fake Kokila enjoys. It is unbelievable for family to see obedient Gopi doing such a thing with Hetal. Kokila is kept in the basement of Modi house. Fake Kokila goes to her and teases her. Meanwhile, Gaura thought to make Meera fall and kept wooden toy on the stair, but Dharam saves her on time and holds her in his arms. He gifts her wooden heart starting a new love story. Meera gets touched by his gesture.


Bhabho, Sandhya, Meenakshi and all the family members get dressed in a royal style. Bhabho wears muslim style clothes and surprises Arzoo’s family. It was actually Sandhya’s idea and she convinces Bhabho and others. They have reached for Chotu’s wedding. They come to know that Chulbul is coming to their house. Arzoo’s family come in Rajasthani attires. Both of the family greet each other in their style.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara humiliates Thapki to the core and asks her to serve the Pandey family as maid, in order to get a stay permit in their stable. Vasundara keeps the condition for Thapki to earn and pay rent. She tells Shraddha that no girl can bear so much insult and Thapki will be going away from their lives now. To their shock, Thapki dresses as a house helper/maid and comes to Pandey Nivaas. Vasundara does not realize that she made way for Thapki to get inside the house by this humiliating step. While Bihaan stops Thapki from working as maid, he is sure that Dadi and Bau ji will see Thapki’s truthfulness now.



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