Raju and Nandu’s love-hate twirls begin…



Raju is unable to forget the insult Rashmi and he faced by Nandu’s molestation blame on Raju. Raju now wants to take revenge from Nandu by breaking her heart. Raju and Nandu became best friends as he is pretending infront of model town. Raju now makes Nandu fall in love with him, and thinks are working in his favor. His over concern and sweet behavior are making Nandu fall in love with Raju. Though, Nandu does not want to accept the fact, but she has really fallen in love with Raju. Rambhateri is happy to see love blossoming between Raju and Nandu. None knows Raju’s devious plans than Raval. Nandu confesses love to Raju, and hopes a lovely future. Their love-hate story started and will be seen in next track.

Rambhateri who was always supportive of Raju, knowing he is her longlost son Raghu, now sides with Nandu. Rambhateri understands Raju’s plan to hurt Nandu by his mock love. Raju asks Nandu to accept her love for him, and scares her risking his life. While Nandu’s love is witnessed by Raju, he plans to break her heart to give her lifelong self humiliation of getting rejected by him. Rambhateri plans and makes Nandu show as if she does not care about Raju’s love-friendship falseness. Rambhateri explains Nandu to hold her emotions as Raju is playing a bad game with her, which she did not expect. Raju wants to take revenge from Nandu, and does not know Raval planted fake Raju to molest-attempt on Nandu on lohri night. Raval provokes Raju for his love wrapped revenge. Rambhateri tells Nandu that she will make Raju fall really in love by playing a game along him. Will Raju really fall in love with Nandu? Keep reading.


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