TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Arzoo and Chotu head to the mandap. Sudden thundering and rain starts, which ruins the mandap. Rathi family gets shocked seeing the sudden bad happenings. Sooraj holds Bhabho to protect her from the strong winds and storm. Everyone run here and there. Sandhya gets to know that Arzoo is Pakistani and before she could not tell Bhabho this truth, the storm comes. Sandhya and Sooraj get to know the same truth, and run to tell Bhabho. They get late and see the marriage completing. Sandhya and Sooraj are worried to say the truth to Bhabho. Sandhya goes to explain Bhabho that Arzoo is from Pakistan and they had big misunderstanding before.


Sid and Roshni go on special date. Sid and Roshni have super romantic scene. They look adorable. Sid has colored Roshni with the love. He has tried all possible things to remind Roshni the romantic moments between them. Sid has tried to get her memory back. Finally, Roshni declares that she loves Sid and now her memory is also back. There is big twist which will be big danger for Sid. Shabnam has attacked Sid once again. Jyoti Tai will be stabbed by Shabnam.


Sanskaar and Ragini meet Swara in jail. Swara cries. Sanskaar consoles Swara. Swara is going to get shifted to central jail. She cries hugging Ragini and Sanskaar. Swara says I m framed and I m getting shifted to jail. Sanskaar promises that he will free her. Ragini says they made plan to get Swara out. Sanskaar wants to get proof to prove Swara innocent without marrying Kavita.


Gopi is given electric shocks in the mental hospital. Premlata has sent Gopi and put her in this state. Premlata wants Gopi to get really mad, after knowing Gopi was acting to be mad. Meera, Vidya and Urmila find Gopi everywhere in the hospital, and then find Gopi finally seeing the chunri in the ward window. Meera tries to save Gopi and ward boy sends Meera out.


Simar’s sasural has many ghosts in the show. Mata ji’s old friend who is a widow is one of the ghosts. Simar gets a ghost catcher lady Guru Maa who has come to free Simar from the ghosts. Guru Maa has entered the house and does some yagya to know the ghosts and find solution to make them leave. There is a Choti Dulhan ghost as well. The little girl will be positive ghost and help Simar.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya are together, but its sad moment. They still have much distance between them. Pragya has got injured Sarla to hospital. Dadi consoles Pragya. Pragya goes to terrace and sees Abhi worried. Pragya wants to share her worry with Abhi. She wants to expose Aaliya and Tanu’s truth. Abhi says its big problem that Tanu is pregnant with his child and feels divided.


There is flashback scene wherein Mr. and Mrs. Raheja enter some home and try to know about Naag Mani. The lady tells them that Naag Mani will appear only on the day when all Naagins will come to human form and perform dance in Aradhna. She says that day anyone can steal Naag Mani, but its risky for the thief’s life. The big secret is Ritik is not Raheja’s real son. Ritik has some connection with Naag Mani, and also Naags. Ritik’s identity is the new twist in Naagin.


Kunj and Yuvraaj a have a big fight in the hospital ward. They both show the real tashan. But why are Kunj and Yuvraj fighting so much that it seems either one of them will survive. They both get their anger on each other and this makes an action scene seen after a long time in the show. The reason for this is Twinkle again. During Yuvraj and Mahi’s sangeet, Mahi gets hurt. There is abshagun in sangeet, the champagne bottle opener hits on Mahi’s face and she falls down. Leela worriedly rushes Mahi to hospital. Yuvraj reaches hospital and romances with Twinkle. Kunj gets to know that Yuvraj was eyeing Twinkle with bad intentions. Kunj can’t bear that Yuvraj misbehaves with Twinkle. Kunj takes Yuvraj aside and slaps him hard. Angry Yuvraj gets into a fight with Kunj. Yuvraj will bring more problems for them in next track.

Mere Angne Mein:

Preeti and Vyom’s engagement gets fixed. Sharmili brings shagun for Preeti and gives her approval for Preeti. Raghav gives the responsibility of Preeti’s marriage to Riya. Ammaji starts planning to make things against Riya. She plots to disgrace Riya in front of the whole family.

Siya Ke Ram:

Dasharath promises Janak that he will not hurry for the bidaai ritual. Janak gets relieved and postpones the bidaai. Janak feels he can’t part with his daughters. Sunaina pacifies Janak and reminds him how he got mentally prepared for this day since years, and now when the moment has arrived, he is falling weak. She asks him to send the girls to Ayodhya, as their future lies there. Sita leaves the decision on Janak and tells how he has molded the daughter’s lives by knowledge and independent thoughts. Sita’s speech encourages Janak to become tension free and send the girls with confidence and assurance. The bidaai takes place from Mithila.



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