Comic-Connect in Chotu and Arzoo’s love track….



Bhabho brings Chotu to his room. Arzoo gets scared and goes to hit the lizard with the rod. Chotu and Bhabho enter the room and Arzoo is about to hit them with the rod. Bhabho stops Arzoo and asks will she welcome her husband by beating him. Later, Chotu tries to lift Arzoo’s ghunghat and gets hit by her. Chotu gets hurt and holds his cheek. Arzoo has brought a storm in his life. Arzoo and Chotu have a sweet comic filmi romance on their wedding night. Arzoo apologizes and steps on the dumbbell. Arzoo slips and falls on Chotu, and this breaks the bed. Chotu and Arzoo have an eyelock.

Rathi family wakes up by the sound of the bed breaking. They all come inside the room and see Arzoo and Chotu, along the broken bed. Meenakshi says Arzoo has broken the bed as well. Arzoo is making many strange mistakes after coming in Rathi house. Sooraj thinks to surprise Sandhya by a romantic setup. Sooraj is taking the gift for Sandhya and hiding it from Bhabho and Babasa. Bhabho thinks Sandhya is pregnant and wants Sooraj and Sandhya to be careful. She suggests Sooraj to not disturb Sandhya and let her rest. Sooraj brings bouquets and Chulbul in a beautiful basket. Bhabho misunderstands him and scene gets funny.



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