Sid and Roshni plot to trap Shabnam-Kunal…


jamai raja211

Shabnam gives injections to Roshni. Roshni’s health deteriorates. Shabnam says she will call the doctor. Jyoti Tai says she will call her doctor. Kunal is trying to marry Roshni, but Sid halts their marriage. Jyoti asks Premal to support her and refuses to marry him until Roshni gets well.

Roshni got her memory back finally. The twist comes, as Kunal’s bride has changed in the mandap. Jyoti Tai and Roshni have swapped the bride. Jyoti Tai brings Shabnam wearing Roshni’s clothes, and makes her sit. Shabnam is unconscious though and falls in the mandap. Sid and Roshni have given her drug which she used to give to Roshni. She says she doesn’t know that she is sitting in the mandap. Everyone get shocked seeing Shabnam instead of Roshni. Bansi, Premal and Shagun are shocked too. What will Kunal and Shabnam do next? Keep reading.



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