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Thapki has worn the pink teddy bear costume as Shraddha is humiliating her. Bihaan gets to know that Thapki is wearing that teddy bear costume. Bihaan also dresses in a blue teddy costume to support Thapki, and make their efforts applauded by everyone.

Arzoo’s Mu Dikhai rasam gets funny and embarrassing for Bhabho. Bhabho does not like Arzoo initially. Bhabho gets annoyed with Arzoo seeing the dog Chulbul.


Dasharath gets a bad dream of Ram’s Vanvaas stay and gets worried to get away from his son. MahaShambhar attacks on Ram to kill him before Ram starts his blissful married life. Raavan gets immortal after Mandodari does a yagya to make him Amar.

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Raunaq proposes Kajal for marriage. Kajal refuses to marry him and says nobody can take Akshay’s place in her life. Raunaq tries hard to convince her, but she is adamant on her decision not to marry.


There is dancing competition in TEI between both couples. Kunj gets into a fight with man on the stage who teases Twinkle. The competition goes on well and equal between Yuvi-Mahi and Twinkle-Kunj getting in the last round. Yuvi gets hurt in the final round and he will be moving out of the competition.


Gopi’s madness drama ends after she successfully finds Kokila. Kokila is back in the Modi family. Kokila knows Premlata, Gaura and Madhuben’s united evil team. She will be targeting them with Gopi.


Swara and Sanskaar are away and supporting each other. They both meet by hiding from family at night. Sanskaar lessens Swara’s pain. They are meeting secretly after marriage, because of ongoing problems at home. Swara says I know Kavya has some other motives to marry Laksh, which I will find out. Laksh and his wife Kavya have problems on their wedding night. Ragini is the reason for their arguments. Kavya says I can’t bear all this, Ragini is still in your heart. Laksh gets restless thinking about Ragini’s welfare, after knowing about Ragini’s suicide attempt. Kavya will become problem for Laksh’s family. Sanskaar will come to save his family.


Raman pushes Ishita from the cliff to save her from getting hanged. Raman saves Ishita and sends her to some safe place. Ishita is announced dead and the families break down. Raman acts to get interested in Niddhi to expose her cheap plan.



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