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Chakor has grown up. Kamal Narayan’s son in law Arjun trains her with the rigorous exercises. Arjun is her coach and is very happy with her progress.

Meri Saasu Maa:

Pari’s haldi ceremony is going on, Sattu looks sad. Pari dances with him in her sasural. Her eyes are looking for him. Maa Saab is showing tashan. Pari collides with Maa sab. Maa sab stops her and throws money bundle infront of her. Pari will be marrying Sattu in next track. Pari has got married to Sattu. She was hoping that she will get a fairy tale type mum in law, but she has got a devil. Soon after marriage, Maa Saab makes Pari’s life hell. Maa Saab locked her in cage and laughs. Maa Saab will make Pari dance on her fingers. Maa Saab says this is result when anyone gets against her.


Gopi shouts that she has gone mad and is losing temper. She breaks the things at home and tells Ahem that she has lost her mind. Gopi pushes Kokila and Ahem stops Gopi. Ahem tries to calm her down. Meera has gone to her inlaws. Gopi has sent Meera to Dharam forever, by obeying fake Kokila/Premlata. Gopi feels she is a bad mother to leave her daughter with enemies. Premlata laughs seeing Gopi’s madness and gets new idea to make Modi family dance on her fingers. Premlata blackmails Gopi about Kokila’s life. Gopi is unable to do anything, and is panicking.


Rana ji asks Gayatri to sit with him on Royal Yag. He gifts her royal ornaments and unites her with again. It turns out to be Gayatri’s dream, as in reality Rageshwari sits with Rana ji on the royal throne.


Anaconda’s entry in Naagin show will add more interest. The anaconda attacks Shivanya, while she is already wounded. She calls out Shiv ji. She is trapped by the anaconda. Shivanya was heading to Shiv ji temple and met her new enemy, who trapped her. Shivanya will win this fight with the anaconda too by Sesha’s help. Guru ji tells Sesha that a love story of human and Naagin started. Sesha thinks how will Shivanya take revenge then, and she shall stop this now.

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Jamai Raja:

Sid’s heart has called Roshni once again by love. Roshni has come to meet Sid, even when her mind has forgotten Sid, but her heart has got her back with Sid. Sid and Roshni have romantic moment, Roshni lost memory, but she feels Sid’s love and knows him by heart. Shabnam comes there to disturb them, but her plan fails.


Everyone think will Arzoo adjust in Rathi family. Bhabho tests Arzoo by giving her an empty envelop and saying it has 5000rs. Arzoo keeps Bhabho’s respect, by adding 5000rs in the empty envelope. When Meenakshi opens the envelope, she shows the money to Bhabho. Sandhya and Bhabho get impressed by Arzoo. Arzoo passes Bhabho’s test. Bhabho calls Arzoo one in a million. Bhabho does not know Arzoo is Pakistani, as Sita has chosen Arzoo. There will be big twist when this truth comes out.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Shraddha orders a Shivling from the store for Shiv puja and it does not gets delivered for the puja. While Vasundara and Shraddha insult Thapki by giving her work to clean the guests slippers/shoes and arrange at the door… Thapki gets the work of making a Shivling herself. Thapki makes the Shivling by her hands, and does the puja outside Pandey Nivaas. Dadi, Bau ji, Suman and Preeti attend the puja done by Thapki and Bihaan, whereas Shraddha disappoints Vasundara. Bihaan is sure that Thapki’s truth and goodness will be seen by the family soon. Bihaan is coming closer to Thapki, while making everyone love Thapki again.

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Satrangi Sasural:

Vihaan and Kaira spend some romantic time. Real Vihaan has come back. Kaira dresses in a red saree and decorates the room. Kaira is out of the evil spirit clutches and wants to make their togetherness special.

Siya Ke Ram:

Ram and Sita will be having a grand marriage, by the blessings of Lords. The Lords shower heavenly flowers on them. Ram and Sita take the wedding rounds. They are joined by the fate. The Shubh Vivaah Utsav of their marriage is next in the show.

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