Imli – Suraj to team up against Chakor in Udaan



After 10 years struggle, Chakor takes a step to get Bhaiya ji arrested. Suraj assures Bhaiya ji that police and enquiry officials will not be able to get any evidence against Bhaiya ji. Kasturi cries and tells Chakor that Imli has changed a lot. Imli is working for Suraj now. Suraj and Chakor get into an argument. Imli sides with Suraj and stops Chakor from hurting Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that Imli is very much loyal to him. Kasturi gets angry with Imli. Chakor informs Kasturi that there will be enquiry in the village against Bhaiya ji. She tells Kasturi that investigation officers will be coming to find bandhua truth.

Kasturi tells Chakor that she will help her. Bhuvan hears them and locks Kasturi in the room to stop her from giving statement against Bhaiya ji. Chakor gets police in the village for enquiry. Bhaiya ji scares everyone and none of the villagers go against him. Inspector asks Chakor is there anyone who can admit that he is bandhua of Bhaiya ji. Chakor says there is someone who will break Bhaiya ji’s pride. Kasturi comes there running, but stops from giving statement against Bhaiya ji, seeing Imli aiming to shoot Chakor.


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