Raman’s indifference hurts family; More of Niddhi to follow…



Shagun confronts Raman about Niddhi. Raman says he switched off his phone as he was having a headache. Shagun slaps him for lying. Raman says he wants to live for himself and is tired of kids and family. He has decided to marry Niddhi. Simmi asks how can he ditched Ishita and marry Niddhi. Raman says he has decided to marry Niddhi. Meanwhile at the Bhalla house, everyone cry and mourn for Ishita’s death. They decide to tell about Ishita’s death to Ruhi and Adi. Ishita’s last rites haven’t done till now, but Raman have decided to move on in his life. Iyers and Bhallas are shocked with his decision. Raman says he will get happiness and will marry Niddhi. Niddhi gets happy. Shagun feels devastated with his selfish behavior, and says she couldn’t believe him. It is unbelievable seeing Raman’s this side. Raman says he needs a life partner. This is surely Raman’s trick to save Ishita and bring out Niddhi’s truth.

Raman gets angry on Ruhi. He scolds Ruhi and asks her not to misbehave with Niddhi. Ruhi says I will not stay with you and hates Raman. Bala asks Raman to calm down. Raman scolds Bala and says this is my house, I will stay with anyone, who are you to tell this. Ruhi gets angry and leaves. Niddhi will break to Ruhi that Raman has got Ishita killed. When Ruhi knows that Raman has killed Ishita, what will she do? Keep reading.



  1. one minute ..how nidhi got to know that raman got ishita killed? he told the family that he had seen ishita jumping from the cliff . but did he tld nidhi that he killed ishita? after knowing this i can imagin wht will ruhi do ..she may cll the police bd tell that give fansi to papa he killed ishimaa . if its raman’s pln against nidhi also i cnt see this side of rkb at all nd missing ishita badly .


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