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Median zing spoilers


Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman angrily. He scolds Niddhi and asks her to leave from his house. Raman stops Niddhi and says I m marrying her, she will not go anywhere. Mr. Bhalla gets disappointed and asks Mr. Iyer to see his son. Raman calls Mr. Bhalla a bad father. Raman starts arguing with Mr. Bhalla and says Niddhi is my to be wife, she will stay here, you are kicking her out, is you’re a father’s duty. He argues with Mr. Iyer too and defends Niddhi. Niddhi is very happy seeing Raman’s love and says Raman got slapped for her. Raman and Niddhi’s sangeet function is going on. Shagun and Simmi plan to ruin Raman’s third marriage. Ruhi gets hurt and this spoils Raman’s sangeet. Raman does not come to see Ruhi, and family gets angry on him. Niddhi gets sure that Raman loves her a lot.


Sandhya and Akshara find out Naira and the other girls who were going to be sold off abroad. Akshara and Naitik take Rajasthani locals disguise. Naitik and Akshara meet Mirchi Seth and tries to get place in the hideout. Sandhya helps Akshara. Sandhya reaches the hideout. Akshara finds out Naira, and cries seeing her. She hugs Naira. Sandhya reaches there with the police force. Sandhya fights with Mirchi Seth and beats him. Mirchi Seth gets arrested.


Sid and Roshni have romance in Goa. There will be pool romance in the show. Roshni and Sid hug. There is suspense in the serial. The suspense and romance will be together. Roshni is shaken and scared being in Sid’s arms. Roshni and Sid play couple games. Samaira and Yash join them. They find a chit in the swimming pool, in the first round. Samaira wins this task. The second round is to answer questions related to wife. Sid wins this task and hugs Roshni. The third game is of basketball. Sid wins by hitting basket in one go. Roshni gets very happy. There is agenda behind the games, its big risk for Sid. Roshni gets a beautiful dress, and she thinks Sid gifted her that dress, but Sid and DD did not gift her. She gets a little hamper in her room, but there is some twist. Someone got after Roshni again, and this mystery will bring many twists. Alice will take an entry. She will be taking revenge from both couples.


Rana ji planned his own death game with Gayatri, so that he can fool Rageshwari. Rana ji tells Gayatri to kill him before killing Rageshwari. Badi Rani has filled real bullets in the gun instead fake ones, and Rana ji gets shot. Gayatri shouts Rana ji. Badi Rani then hits Gayatri.


Ritik will get the Naagmani, which he will handover to Yamini. Sesha takes Ritik’s avatar and Sangram tells her that Yamini is the fifth killer. This shocks Sesha. Shivanya will save Ritik from Yamini and Ankush, and get to know that Yamini has killed her parents. Mayuri attacks Sesha and injures Sesha, taking her revenge on the Naagin. Sesha fainted, and then got conscious after some time. Sesha makes Mayuri fall over neem tree and Mayuri gets hurt after falling over wooden sticks. Sesha says she has vardaan from Neem tree, the Naags who do puja of Neem get strength of Neem. She ties Mayuri and asks Mayuri to run now.


Kunj and Twinkle have similar waiting romance like in Maine Pyaar Kiya movie. Aaja sham hone aai………..plays……….. Kunj has become Salman and Twinkle has become Bhagyashree. Kunj shows the watch and signs Twinkle to come fast as time is running. They are having filmi anticipated romance. Twinkle is stuck in kitchen work and asks him to wait. She finishes off the work and gets busy in some other work. Kunj says we got much filmi, I want to take Twinkle out, and someone or the other call Twinkle, I want to take Twinkle on date. Twinkle and Kunj are starting romance from courtship. Their Ishq tashan will be seen next.


Swara and all Maheshwari ladies gang have caught Kavya. Kavya is caught by her Saas and Nanand. Kavya asks the ladies to leave her. Swara is trying to give Kavya an injection and this struggle is going on. Sujata says we want to give injection to cure Kavya’s asthma. Swara gives injection to Kavya, and Kavya calls them mad. Swara later goes to her parents house and meets Ragini. Shekhar gets angry seeing Swara. Swara is still trying to convince Shekhar. Swara has to do something so that Kavya goes out and Ragini takes entry at home.


Mata ji has turned into a ghostly lady. Ghosts have captured Simar’s sasural. Mata ji’s dangerous avatar is scaring the family. Mata ji is behaving strange and now challenging them on the face. The widow ghost has thrown Sanju down and is enjoying the sight of family in“ trouble.


Bhabho hugs Arzoo and there is emotional drama. Arzoo has reached across border by mistake. Sandhya and Sooraj too reach at the border to find Arzoo. When they ask Arzoo, Arzoo tells them that she came to find Gaumata. Bhabho cries and is glad to get Arzoo back. Sandhya doubts on Arzoo’s innocence and takes her back home. There is something wrong in Arzoo’s behavior. `


Dharam gets gifts to everyone on Shivratri. He misses to get a gift for Meera. Meera gets impressed by Dharam’s words and accepts his apology. Gaura and Meera’s arguments continue.



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