Bihaan’s Badshah avatar brings action in Thapki Pyaar Ki…



Bihaan has to run his home and prove his love for Thapki. Bihaan has become wrestler Badshah. He goes for the big match and enters the wrestling ring. His competitor is tough this time. Thapki comes there and supports Bihaan. The cage is locked and the winner will be allowed to come out. Badshah Bihaan will be facing the champion Lukka. Bihaan is doing this to earn money. The fight sequence is interesting to see. Bihaan has to earn 10000rs in one night, this street fight is the only way to earn money. He gets 2000rs from the first street fight and this risky second fight will get him 10000rs winning amount. Bihaan is risking his life. Shraddha comes there too and sees the fight match. Thapki worries seeing the tough contender and asks Bihaan to come out. Thapki gets concerned for Bihaan’s safety. Thapki gets pushed away by spectators and could not see Bihaan. Bihaan gets beaten up badly, and like in films, Bihaan wins finally. Shraddha gets upset that Bihaan has won the fight and informs Vasundara about it.


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