Sagar and Ganga to get married finally….!!


Sagar reacts to Amma ji’s taunts of Ganga being a widow. Sagar fills sindoor in Ganga’s hairline, much to Madhvi and Amma ji’s shock. Ganga gets overjoyed. Sagar has made Ganga a suhaagan by going against his family. He tells Madhvi that this is not holi color to get erased, this is sindoor. Madhvi slaps Sagar and asks is he mad. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and got justice for her. Amma ji beats Sagar asking him to leave Ganga’s hand. Sagar could not bear Ganga’s humiliation and married her all of a sudden. Amma ji and Madhvi scold Ganga and blame her for Sagar’s action. Madhvi asks Sagar to leave Ganga’s hand and threatens to kill herself. She makes Sagar helpless to leave Ganga. Sagar tells Madhvi that he will not leave Ganga ever.





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