Mohit and Preeti’s marriage creates big drama…


mere angne mein4

Sarla cries and comes to kitchen to get phenyl bottle. She empties the bottle in the wash basin, washed it and added milk in the bottle. She then drinks the milk and acts to have drank poison. Amma ji panics and calls everyone. Sarla asks Shanti to promise of not accusing her again. Riya and everyone get shocked. Sarla have done this as Amma ji accused her for supporting Riya. Sarla does drama to win her Amma ji’s trust back.

Preeti’s haldi is going on. Mohit has come there wearing the saree. Everyone dance and enjoy. Shanti takes photos of everyone. Mohit goes to meet Preeti. He has come in Shanti Sadan to take Preeti with him. Shanti later gets to know that Mohit has come as the woman and gets her anger out of Kaushalya and Riya. Mohit forces Preeti and ties her. He then marries Preeti and this creates a big drama at Shanti Sadan. Preeti will run away from her marriage, and Nimmi will get married to Vyom. Keep reading.


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