Shanti and Riya’s family politics continue…


mere angne mein4

Shanti wanted to get treasure and wished she took sanyaas later. Once Raghav stops the treasure hunt, she gets relieved. Raghav gives his salary to Riya, which makes Sarla beg for money from Riya. Sarla plans to make good terms with Riya just for the sake of money. Shanti can’t accept this, that Riya has taken her place on her swing as well as the house. All family members get supportive of Riya and help her in peaceful and smooth run of the home expenses.

Shanti starts divide and rule policy. She tells Kaushalya how she used to have the excess savings in her hand to that she can use in tough time and reminds how she saved Raghav’s name by paying kirana guy with her savings. She suggests Kaushalya to take money from Riya and keep for emergency need. Kaushalya asks Riya to give the excess money after clearing all the monthly expenses. Shanti feels Riya will not agree, and this will break the saas-bahu unity. Riya challenges Shanti that she will run home well and better than her, with which Shanti’s management will be forgotten soon. This provokes Shanti to plan big against Riya. What will she do now to make her bahuriya leave her house? Keep reading.



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