Bihaan and Thapki back in Pandey Nivaas….



Bihaan has become bahubali and lifted Shivling. He takes the Shivling to stop Thapki from leaving house. Bihaan steps downstairs of the temple and gets inside the water holding the Shivling. Thapki and family wants to stop Bihaan. Bihaan says its his mannat, he wanted family to accept Thapki by heart. He wants Thapki to tell the truth. Thapki refuses to tell truth and says she will leave the house. Bihaan tells Lord that its his test today, and if Lord has failed to fulfill his mannat, then he will do the Shivling Visarjan. Thapki then announces that she has blamed Vasundara of theft so that everyone assume her a bad person. The family accepts Thapki back happily. Vasundara does her Grahpravesh and determines to break Bihaan and Thapkiā€™s Jodi. Thapki and Bihaan enter the house and everyone seem to be very happy. Shraddha gets frustrated and thinks to kick out Thapki from the house before holi.


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