Highlight: Sagar-Ganga’s ‘Holi’ turns super dramatic…



Sagar tells Amma ji that he is fed up of her traditions. He asks Amma ji not to force her old rituals and mindset on him. He makes an entry back home, and asks Niranjan to give one reason which would defend Amma ji’s decision of not accepting Ganga. Sagar says Ganga will play holi today and I will give her colors. He throws on Ganga and puts gulaal on her face. He puts enough color to cover the white color of her life. Ganga stands silently bearing all the colors. Sagar has filled colors of love infront of everyone. Sagar says he wants justice for his love and asks Niranjan to decide for them. He says Ganga and I have accepted each other from heart, then who will decide whether they can marry or not. He says I did not pressurize Ganga for this relation, Ganga is my wife, the day I die, make her widow that time. He asks the family not to interfere in his matter, as Ganga and his love is mutually pure. Amma ji gets upset. Niranjan slaps Sagar angrily seeing Sagar’s bad behavior infront of elders. Sagar says holi is witness of their union and takes Ganga with him. Sagar is angry when everyone opposes his relation. He takes a stand for Ganga. Sagar celebrates holi in his style.


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