TGI Friday’s Spoilers



Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi makes a shocking entry in the holi party. Abhi covers his face and shoots in air. Abhi scares Pragya and makes her dance. Abhi says I m Mumbai’s gabbar and demands cash from the manager. Manager requests him to let everyone go. Abhi then demands to make Pragya dance. Abhi aims at Purab and makes Pragya dance. Abhi shows his face and applies holi to Pragya. He laughs and teases her.


Dharam makes Meera jealous. He picks the holi colors and goes towards Meera. Meera feels shy and waits for Dharam to apply color on her, but Dharam goes passes her and fills Durga’s maang and applies colors on her face. He tells Meera that Durga is his wife and asks her to apply color on his face. Durga gets happy and feels on cloud nine when he asks her to apply color on his face. Meera feels very much bad and gets heartbroken. Dharam teases Meera and asks if she is crying as he filled Durga’s maang. Meera tells him that she is not crying as he filled Durga’s Maang and she is not filmy. Dharam is waiting for Meera to confess her love for him, and says happy holi after she goes.


A new devil appears in Simar’s house and says this house belongs to me now, the devil. Simar and her family are troubled. Simar takes Mata Rani’s chunari from Tantrik and tries to break colorful devil’s magic.

Jamai Raja:

Jamai Raja Sid is leaving the house as he is being doubted by his wife and mum in law. Sid and Roshni’s romance have ended. DD asks Sid to leave the house as she can’t tolerate his behavior anymore. Roshni is crying as Sid is caught romancing with Shabnam. Roshni blames Sid and asks why Shabnam was in his embrace. Sid says Roshni should have given him chance to speak up and clarify. Roshni thinks to apologize to Sid when his truth comes out. Sid packs his bags and leaves. Sid has reached to save Ayesha from joker. Sid has taken a pirate’s look.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan and Thapki returning home and give gift to each other. Bihaan brings sandals for Thapki while she brings Gulel for her Bihaan. Bihaan hits at her and says he has done it mistakenly. Balwinder plans a surprise dinner for them. Thapki and Bihaan spend some romantic moments. Thapki teases him by talking in english, and Bihaan wears a tshirt with train printed on it. Bihaan shows acceptance towards Thapki, as he nicknamed her Chuk Chuk Gaadi/train earlier.

Meri Sasu Maa:

Pari and Sattu are romancing in silence. Sattu comes to fight with Pari but he gets bowl over by her beauty. He thinks Pari have talked badly with Maa saheb, but he comes to know about the person behind the misunderstandings. Very soon their misunderstandings will be cleared.


Marriage is happening in Krishna dasi. As the bride Gayatri and groom Devesh exchange garlands, just then Kumudini comes there and says she was invited for the marriage when Aba Saheb asks her. Devesh appeals to Kumudini to bless them on their marriage. Aradhya will makes an entry before 7th phera and will try to stop the marriage, but the marriage will happen eventually.


Ishita is playing well in Shanaya’s role. She takes Raman to a hotel room and keeps Do not Disturb sign. Niddhi reaches there and gets shocked seeing DND sign. Ishita makes Niddhi see them, and signs Raman that Niddhi is watching.

Hamari Bahu Rajni Kant:

Its for the first time to see a robot becoming a bahu. Rajni and Shaan are getting married. The marriage episode will be aired on 21st March. It will be bring hilarious moments. Rajni and Shaan exchange garlands. Rajni follows the commands as fed by Shaan literally, and ends up doing some blunders. Shaan is marrying the robot he made. Shaan tries covering up Rajni’s mistakes. Shaan’s family does not know Rajni is a family. Rajni kicks the kalash and injured her mother in law. Rajni’s super entry in Shaan’s home will be interesting. Saas-bahu track will start and get more fun in the track.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Barbie shows her true colors infront of Dadi and burns Dadi’s hand again by pouring hot tea. Dadi is helpless and does not tell anyone about Barbie. Suhani witnesses Barbie’s truth and understands that Barbie is intentionally torturing Dadi. Pratima rushes to get medicines for Dadi’s aid. Suhani and Dadi join hands to face Barbie and throw her out of Birla house. Later, they realize Barbie is a big threat for Pratima. Barbie threatens to harm Pratima, in order to save herself.


Ananya’s marriage is happening with Ranveer. Shaurya is helpless and asks Naitik to not reveal Kuhu’s truth to anyone. Naitik and Akshara’s relation faces problems. Naitik thinks to tell everyone about Kuhu, once Ananya’s marriage happens peacefully. Everyone dance, sing, enjoy and is very happy in Ananya’s marriage function. Ranveer compliments Ananya seeing her in the bridal dress. Singhania and Maheshwari families are at peak of their happiness, when the twist comes. Kuhu’s twist gets revealed and shocks the families.



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