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Roli is caught by the evil chief in Simar’s house. He asks Simar to give the Chandramani or let her sister die. He disappears Roli and Simar gets caught. Simar called a tantric in her inlaws to save her family from ghosts. The ghosts team up and tantric fails to catch them. Mata ji gives Chandramani to Malti, on Simar’s saying, but things do not get fine.


Sarika and Niddhi have doubt that Shanaya is Ishita. Shanaya calls Ashok and is fooling him. She acts sweet to him and asks him to get her purse from her car. He has become Shanaya’s puppet. Ashok expects to get some benefit from all his efforts. Ishita makes Niddhi jealous. Ishita sits in godh bharai rasam with Raman. Sarika tries to lift her ghunghat. Ishita goes to room and comes in Shanaya’s getup again.

Mere Angne Mein:

Mohit has got inside Preeti’s room and shocks her. Preeti asks him to leave. Mohit fooled everyone by wearing woman’s attire. He ties Preeti and tells her that he loves her a lot. He tells her that he will kill her and himself if she does not marry him. He gets garlands to put on her neck. The family gets shocked seeing Mohit, and try to open the locked door. Preeti hits Mohit and makes him faint. She opens the door. Shanti hugs Preeti and says she will not leave Mohit now.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Paridhi has decided that she will test Sona. She scolds Gopi for insulting her infront of an illiterate girl. She asks Gopi and Kokila not to interfere. She asks them to promise that they will not support Sona and just see the war like silent witnesses. Paridhi will become negative in this track. Kokila scolds Paridhi and says if my family union faces any problem because of you, then there will be no limit. She says even Lord Krishna took his weapons seeing Adharm. She calls Paridhi wrong to start Mahabharat in Modi house.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan has become bahubali and lifted Shivling. He takes the Shivling to stop Thapki from leaving house. Bihaan steps downstairs of the temple and gets inside the water holding the Shivling. Thapki and family wants to stop Bihaan. Bihaan says its his mannat, he wanted family to accept Thapki by heart. He wants Thapki to tell the truth. Thapki refuses to tell truth and says she will leave the house. Bihaan tells Lord that its his test today, and if Lord has failed to fulfill his mannat, then he will do the Shivling Visarjan.

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Sagar tells Amma ji thathe is fed up of her traditions. He says Ganga will play holi today and I will give her colors. He throws on Ganga and puts gulaal on her face. He puts enough color to cover the white color of her life. He has filled colors of love infront of everyone. Sagar says he wants justice for his love and asks Niranjan to decide for them. He says Ganga and I have accept each other from heart, then who will decide whether they can marry or not. He says Ganga is my wife, the day I die, make her widow that time. Niranjan slaps Sagar. Sagar says holi is witness of their union and takes Ganga with him.


Suraj and his goons have kidnapped Aditya. Chakor tells Bhuvan that Aditya is Ishwar’s son. This makes Bhuvan regret a lot for his mistake. Chakor rushes to haveli to get Aditya freed. Kasturi blames Bhuvan for risking Aditya and Chakor’s lives. Bhuvan tells her that he was threatened by Bhaiya ji about Imli’s life. Chakor reaches the haveli to save Aditya. Suraj, Imli and Bhaiya ji humiliate Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks her to clean his shoes, to get Aditya back. Chakor apologizes to Bhaiya ji.


Dhaani stops Shalini and Raja’s marriage. She tells everyone that Raja is a cheapster. She tells Viplav that Raja and his family do not deserve Shalini. Raja and his mum tell Viplav that Dhaani is actually Suman. They say that Dhaani/Suman killed Raja’s elder brother, who was Dhaani’s husband. Dhaani admits to Viplav that she is Suman. Raja accuses Dhaani for the murder and gets her arrested. Dhaani waits for Viplav in police station, but Viplav does not turn up there.

TEI and JR:

There is big twist in Tashan E Ishq. Kunj’s marriage will shock Twinkle. Kunj is answering Yuvi’s plan. On the other hand, Sid sees Ayesha in trouble. Sid was fearing of the joker and gets shocked seeing the video, where joker is threatening to kill Ayesha. Tashan E Ishq and Jamai Raja will have Mahasangam episodes on 17th and 18th March.

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