Holi brings twists and revelations in DABH and YRKKH…


There is Pushkar police award function on the day of Holi. Gul keeps his promise to Sandhya and is eager to burn up the town hall. Actors Gurmeet and Debina will be giving a special dance performance in the program. They pass out a peace message after their dance. Sandhya worries as Gul’s plan starts working. She realizes Gul was infront of her in Swami’s disguise. Gul fails to use the statue to ignite fire and calls his backup Arzoo to the spot to fire the place. The place is made of laak and catches fire. Sandhya vacates the place on time. Arzoo tries to stop Sandhya and gets into a fight with her. Sandhya catches Arzoo on the terrace, where Arzoo attacks on her. Sandhya shoots at Arzoo….


There is Holika dahan going on in Singhania house. Holi brings many twists. Shaurya’s truth has come out at Holika dahan. Naksh talks to Naitik with disrespect for cheating Akshara. Naksh confronts Naitik that Kuhu is his daughter. Shaurya can’t bear Naitik facing this and goes ahead. He shouts and slaps Naksh. He scolds Naksh for doubting his father, and accepts that Kuhu is his daughter. Shaurya tells Akshara and Naksh that he is Kuhu’s father. Akshara confronts Shaurya and asks the reason for being quiet till now. This was Naksh’s plan to make Shaurya speak out the truth. Shaurya meets Kuhu and hugs her. Naksh spots Shaurya and hears him. Naksh knew the truth already. Varsha hears everything and gets dizzy. Varsha tells Shaurya that their relation won’t be same now. Akshara apologizes to Naitik for doubting on him.


  1. Diya aur Bati… few stupid episodes 🙁
    Hey this is a humble request to star plus and the writer of the serial “DIYA AUR BATI” to stop showing few stuoid episodes…

    Ex: 24th March 2016 episode – OMG I got headache coz of this episode :(:(:(:(:(
    – Aarzoo and Sandhya both were fighting but not saying a single word… Aarzoo could have told that she is trying to help if she is innocent or she will destroy everything if she is a terrorist…. OMG such a stupid scene

    Are yaar people are not such fool….please try to understand


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