TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers


Shesha and Shivanya fight over Ritik. It is yet to be seen if the two sisters fight are genuine or they are acting to fool Yamini.

Siya ke Ram:

Ram, Sita and Laxman are leaving Ayodhya. Laxman doesn’t want to divert his mind and that’s why doesn’t take Urmila along with him. He wants to take care of Ram and Sita. Their Vanvaas will start.


Pari, Khushi and Uma dances infront of the devil to praise him. They have become his servant and dances on his tune. They get ready as a bride, and are under his influence. Shaitaan/Devil enjoys their dance.

Jamai Raja:

During holi celebration, Roshni is seen standing on the table just under the fan with her mouth and hands tied. The rope is tied to the door and table, Sid opens the kitchen door and she gets hanged. He shouts Roshni and holds her to save her life. Everyone panics and switches off the gas stove as the gas leaks. Roshni faints. Sid gets concerned for her. Actually Sid makes a plan to save Ayesha from the joker, but Joker being clever will try to kill Roshni. DD blames Sid for Roshni’s condition and asks him to go away from there. She says we don’t have any relation with you. Joker Yash is conspiring against them and made their holi colorless. Meanwhile, Roshni tries to help Sid, and changes the stolen necklace in the swimming pool as there was no camera in the pool.


Vidya nanand’s entry to shock Vidya. Her nanand Nayya comes with her inlaws women and asks Vidya to give her baby after she is born. Kokila asks what they are saying? They push Vidya and make her fall on ground. Nayya claims the baby shocking Gopi, Kokila and Vidya. Modi family is celebrating holi, but then comes a bad twist. Meera tries to save her sister from in laws and argues with Dharam.


After Viplav freeing Dhaani from the murder charges, he decides to take her home and fulfill his promise made to her. Viplav brings band baja to take Dhaani home. Raja clicks their photo. Dhaani and Viplav exchange garlands infront of Ashram family. Dulaari does their aarti. Dhaani looks beautiful in her red dress. She leaves her hands impression on the wall, before going to Viplav’s house. Dhaani gets sad on her vidaai and is ready for the new beginning at her inlaws home. Meanwhile, Dasharath celebrates holi with Raja and his family. It will be seen what he will do after Viplav takes Dhaani home.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki celebrates holi with Shraddha and Vasu, but Thapki gets sad as her relation will Bihaan is breaking. Vasu hugs her and tells her something. Thapki’s smile vanishes. She reminds of her condition. Bihaan looks smilingly at Thapki. He throws holi colors on Thapki and celebrates holi. Thapki looks beautiful in a white dress. Vasu wants Thapki and Bihaan to get divorce, and this will shock everyone. Bihaan thinks he has fallen for Thapki and thinks to confess love, just then Thapki comes to him and asks for divorce. Bihaan is shocked. Thapki is paying price to Vasu as she has saved his life, and Thapki is keeping up the promise made to her. Shraddha feels once Thapki goes from the house, she can get closer to Dhruv. It is yet to be seen what drama this divorce will bring.


Swara and Sanskar argue over something. Just then Police comes there. They see blood dropping from the terrace on floor. Kavya will try to kill Laksh. Swara and Ragini rush to find and save Laksh. This is the new twist in the show.


Rana ji plays the dhol and dances under the influence of Bhaang, which Rageshwari made him drink unknowingly. Rana ji challenges Rageshwari to apply color on his face first. Rageshwari applies color on his forehead with her bindi. Rana ji started feeling for Savitri and feels some connection with her. He searches for his Gayatri/Savitra. Rana ji and Rageshwari dance and celebrate holi in a royal style. Very soon Gayatri’s truth will be revealed to Rana ji.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshara and her family are shaken, when they come to know that Kuhu is Shaurya’s illegitimate girl with Sneha. Varsha cries miserably. Akshara’s mum slaps her son. Later everyone pretends to be happy infront of Ananya during holi. Akshara feels bad for Varsha, but feels relieved and regrets for doubting on Naitik’s loyalty towards her. They talk and clear the misunderstanding. Naitik have been protecting Shaurya inorder to protect their family from getting shocked and shattered after knowing the bitter truth. Naitik applies color on someone’s else face while being blind folded, and everyone laughs at his mistake.


  1. i dont watch other serials but read sometimes their spoilers n gossips……….

    Thapki paya ki is just like what the fans predicted………..

    And Sasural simar ka is so funny…………….

    anyways i m sorry if any of the fans got hurt…………


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