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Gaura and Kokila play with holi colors and are happy. Gaura puts holi colors on Kokila. They dance like old friends, but it is yet to be seen if everyone will be fine. Actually everyone comes to know about the good news that Vidya is pregnant. Kokila gets happy, thinks Ahem and Gopi will become grand parents. Gaura have invited Kokila and family to give them good news. Meera is also happy as her sister gives the good news and hopes good things will happen. There is a twist and suspense as usual. Dharam’s daughter will make an entry in the show and will slap Meera.


Raman and Ishita reach hotel room. Shanaya tries to woo Raman and get intimate with him. Raman is surprised. She dances on a romantic song and tries to woo Raman holding rose in her hand. Shanaya is determined to win Raman to show Niddhi. Niddhi gets jealous, and peeps in their room. She thinks how can Raman do this? Ishita will be successful and will make Niddhi lose. She will win her love and family.


Amma takes 2-3 gulps of bhaang during holi celebrations. Everyone applies holi color on each other. Raghav makes the bhaang with and without the thandai, but he gets confused and everyone drinks thandai bhaang in confusion and act as drunkard. Everyone reveal their true feelings in the bhaang effect. Riya’s truthfulness and good heart is seen by the family. Shanti loses out to kick out Riya from home. Riya gets to know that its Shanti who is doing all the things to do her bidaai from the house.


Sukriti Kandpal enters Tashan e Ishq and dresses up as Twinkle. Sukriti whispers something in Twinkle’s ears. She gets up leaving her roka function and Sukriti sits on her place. It is actually Kunj’s roka with Sukriti. Kunj will be confused like the viewers and will see her face after his roka with her. It is yet to be seen if Twinkle and Sukriti are joking with him or if there is something serious.


Swara reaches plot no 211 and gets shocked seeing an injured girl. She makes her drink water and asks who is she? The girl tells her that she is actually Kavya and not Tania, and the supposed Kavya is not Kavya, but someone else. Fake Kavya threatens real Kavya and speaks out her bad motives.


Rageshwari accuses Gayatri of stealing jewellery. Rana ji comes to the rescue and asks Rageshwari to prove Savitri guilty.


The devil is marrying the three brides, Uma, Pari and Khushi. They are the three bahus of Bharadwaj family. The devil has hypnotized the women by playing a tune. Their husbands fail to get their wives out of the spell. Mata ji and Simar get shocked and helpless. The devil laughs troubling them.


Krish’s twin brother slaps Radhika. Radhika knows everything about her past life and she is tolerating all the torture so that she finds her lover and complete her love story.


Somendra will die in a car accident. Sarojini cries and asks someone to call the ambulance. The people gathering there take his dead body out of the car. Somendra dies leaving his wife and family.


Sita wants to do her Patni Dharm and head for vanvaas with Ram. Ram is not willing to take her knowing the difficulties he will face in the jungle. Sita convinces Ram finally by her explained speech, wherein she asks him not to fail her in her Dharm by leaving her in Raj Bhavan. Ram takes Sita along on vanvaas. Sumitra gets another shock when Laxman breaks the news of accompanying Ram and Sita on vamvaas. His decision affects Urmila and it becomes another mourning reason for Raghukul. Kaushalya and Sumitra lose two of their sons because of Kaikeyi’s obstinacy.

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Sesha and Ritik have a sensuous dance. Sesha imagines to marry Ritik in the temple. She imagines taking wedding pheras with Ritik. She realizes she can’t cheat Shivanya. Sesha has fallen for Ritik madly.


Swadheenta loses hope another time that she could get justice for the farmers. Adarsh gets to know about the court proceedings. Being a positive guy, he pacifies Swadheenta that little things happen in the beginning. He makes her realize that she stopped the case from ending in first hearing and took it ahead. He asks Swadheenta to prepare proper documents in two days. Adarsh’s feelings for Swadheenta get intensified. Adarsh tries helping her without informing her. Adarsh’s official contacts are not known to her till now. He calls her up and to lessen her stress, he asks her to meet on a coffee date.

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    • Tashan-e-ishq: Yuvi enters Chaudhary house to add fuel in Rajjo-Kunj’s marriage drama

      The upcoming episode will show that Kunj is stuck in false relationship with Rajjo.

      Chaudhary has announced Kunj and Rajjo’s marriage.

      Twinkle supports Kunj and Rajjo to save them from Chadhuary.

      While everything is going smooth and Kunj-Twinkle has made a escape plan Yuvi enters the track.

      Yuvi’s evil intentions

      Yuvi finds about Twinkle and Kunj being there and enters Chaudhary house.

      Yuvi is happy to see all mess and wants to add fuel to it

      Let’s see what will Yuvi do now to part away Kunj and Twinkle.

      Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

      Tashan e ishq spolier


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