Dhara at unpleasant phase of her life in Tamanna…



Mihir starts doubting on Dhara and Diwakar. Dhara is angry on Mihir for not trusting her. Mihir acts to quit his job and does not. Mihir and Dhara fall into frequent arguments because of Diwakar. Dhara breaks her pregnancy news to Mihir. Mihir gets doubtful about the father of the child and is unhappy with her pregnancy. Dhara’s family meets her in Mumbai. Dhara seems to be happy meeting her family, and is tired of being Mihir’s puppet. Dhara does not let her family know the problems. A short leap is next in the show. Dhara delivers her daughter Shubhangi. With the problems persisting, Dhara gets the paternity test report to clear Mihir’s doubts, and asks for divorce to save her self esteem. Mihir refuses to give the divorce and wants to tie her in the unwanted relation.



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