Highlight: Bihaan’s Dhina Dhin Dha drives him crazy in love…



Bihaan is getting crazy imagining Thapki everywhere. Bihaan has fallen in love with Thapki. He is still unknown to his feelings. He looks for Thapki’s photo to keep with him. He loses his mind on not finding any pic. On the other hand, Thapki is still finding out the person who forced Bihaan to marry her. She continues her investigation. The photo album burns, but Thapki checks the wedding DVD. She sees the lady in the video and gets some clue. She recalls the bangle Vasundara gave her as shagun. She gets shocked to realize that Vasundara has stopped her marriage with Dhruv, and instead got Bihaan married to Thapki.

Thapki goes to Vasundara and confronts her for the same. She asks the reason for Vasundara’s hatred. She asks whether her stammering reason gave Vasundara the rights to change her life’s future with such a major decision. Vasundara convinces Thapki not to tell the truth to the family members. Thapki agrees and determines to change Vasundara’s mindset. Will Thapki be able to get Vasundara’s love and acceptance? Keep reading.



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