Today’s Twister – Never ending cat-fights continue in Kumkum Bhagya



Twister… This post is on the never-ending drama in any show, which is liked by the viewers solely for the melodramatic factor, without much logic depicted.

Pragya has got Bulbul’s call and reached the place to meet her. Pragya has hugged Tanu, did they get friendly, assuming she is Bulbul. Even when Pragya knows Bulbul is no more. Pragya was called there in temple by Tanu. Tanu played trick to call Pragya by Bulbul’s voice. After Pragya sees Tanu’s face, she gets angry. Tanu threatens Pragya not to tell Abhi her truth, else the result will be bad. Pragya does not agree, and thinks to do something. Pragya links mobile with tv and was waiting for Abhi in the room. But Tanu comes there and a catfight starts there. Abhi has come there late and gets fed up seeing the duo fighting. He could not know the secret. He leaves from there. Pragya is still trying to show Tanu’s truth, while Abhi seems to just enjoy the catfights.



    • This kumkum bhagya is the worst drama. No story. So faking. Should just end. Why Tatu gets away with everything all times.

  1. Please change the topic, worst & faltu drama going n going it’s just like never ending this faltu competition.two cat is doing competition n hero is behaving just like 5yr innocent kid.

  2. Show is now very messed up. Do you not have any other story lines that you continue on this same drama on and on. Really, you have to drag it on this looooooong. Move on will you.

  3. Stop this nonsense drama we r so fed up with same thing . Abhi is so dumb in this show even prays play as dumb too. Please stop this show or make it intresting.

  4. I stopped watching the show few months back…Even tat tym the same drama was dere n now also..
    Indian audience dumbos watching dis crap

  5. Tanu has been pregnant for almost 14 months. WOW . How stupid are the writers of this STUPID show. How can the actors be degrading themselves.
    Same story everyday. Stop the show.

  6. Plz stop dis topic now change we r bored we want to see smthing good n new in kumkum bhagya…show real face of tanu to abhi plz plz

  7. Please stop this disgusting show… everyday they find a new way to lengthen the same old bullshit. R the directors of the show so much out of story that they continue wasting their time and audiences time as well. Abhi despite being such a strong character in the show tolerates nuisance of tanu. Pls guys get real and stop the stupid show

  8. Phaltu serial dekhna sablog band kardo. .iske actor’s bhi is serial mein kaam karkeapna career kharab kar rahe hai

  9. I think all of them are educated in this serial still they Don’t know about paternity test. Please get it done and stop this nonsense. It’s my appeal to all viewers Plzzzz bycot this serial and bring the trp to zero then only these people will understand.

  10. the worst show.. tanu is pregnant almost one yr now n story is same no changes at all.. pragyas plans turning flop everytime.. fed up stopped watching show..

  11. please yar we are not fool,
    now a days this is worst show of my life..
    ullu bna ne bhi koi had hoti he yar….
    please stop this tpoic and start something new..

  12. Are uss pragya ke character ko hi bhagao nahi to woh serial band karvaegi…dumb script writer…no new stories…pregnancies more than yrs…mistakes in direction…one scene in broad daylight and next sequence in night…..retarded serial…tired of watching same stories lonnnnngggg stretchhhhhheedddddd………

  13. sick of watching this serial….its wasting our time. and the most worst part is they wear too much of make up… they can atleast show them in a simple way
    and praghya please fire ur makeup man he is really spoiling ur beauty. anyhow they dont respect our comments the director is more worried about the trp rates.. dont have idea how the trp rates will go up if u show the stupid cat fights and play the boring songs as background again and again…previously i never used to miss an episode and now its been 9 months and i can still understand the story. trust me this is the worst one i have ever watched.


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