Chakor and Vivaan’s love story to begin in Udaan



Chakor is in big dilemma after Bhaiya ji kept the condition infront of her. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to lose in the marathon to get Imli freed from bandhuagiri. Chakor gets sad seeing all the children of Aazaadgunj having high hopes from her, that one day Chakor will win the marathon and then get freedom for them. Chakor does not know to choose between Imli or entire village. She does not get selfish and chooses the villagers freedom. Suraj tries to influence Chakor’s decision and makes Imli dance infront of his friends. Suraj forces Imli for dance as she is his bandhua/bonded labor. Imli dances for his friends, who throw money on her. Imli feels humiliated. Chakor gets shocked seeing Imli in trouble and thinks to agree to Bhaiya ji’s condition.


On the other hand, Ranjana is worried seeing Vivaan’s restlessness and need of the drugs. She calls Chakor to help Vivaan. Tejaswini is away with Kamal Narayan on the tour. Vivaan asks for the milk and argues with Ranjana. Chakor tries explaining Vivaan a lot. Chakor slaps Vivaan hard to make him leave the drugs. Ranjana gets shocked. Vivaan gets angry and shouts. Chakor slaps him as she is caring towards Vivaan and wants to make him freed of his drug addiction. Vivaan cries and Chakor explains him that he has to get fine for himself. She hugs him with love and is trying best to make him fine. Vivaan and Chakor will come close and their love story will start. Keep reading.


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