TGI Friday’s Spoilers




There is an entry of Chutki in Nagin. She is playing a funny character and will be following Yamini’s orders. She asks Yamini why did she kill her husband? Gurumaa have sent this chutki naagin to help Yamini, but Chutki naagin refuses to help her seeing her truth, but Yamini have a magical ring with which she control Chutki Naagin. Yamini also takes Shesha on her side and they plan to kill Shivanya. Shesha tells Yamini that she will make Shivanya drink the poisonous milk. It is yet to be seen if Shesha is acting to be with Yamini or have changed for bad. There is a rift between the sisters. Shesha and Yamini will kill Andy and put blame on Shivanya infront of Ritik. The show is going off air so soon.


Dadisaa sees a bullet fast approaching towards Anandi and comes infront of her. Dadisaa gets bullet on her chest. This will mark end of her character. It all happens when Anandi and Dadisaa comes to know about a child marriage. Akhiraj is getting a child married and they try to stop the marriage. They reach there. Akhiraj shoots at Anandi and Dadisaa gets killed. Anandi comes to know that Akhiraj is alive and knows his secret.


Tanu throws water on Rishi’s clothes as his mufler catches fire. Rishi looks on surprised. Tanu tells him about fire. Rishi gets thankful to her and recalls some of the childhood moments between them.

Tashan E Ishq:

Yuvi have made Twinkle and Mahi’s life hell. Twinkle tells Kunj that she will rescue her sister. Kunj couldn’t do anything. Police arrests Twinkle on the charges of Mahi’s death. Yuvi have targeted both sisters.


Dharam dies and exit from the show. Gaura cries looking at Dharam’s condition. It is not yet decided if Dharam will return to the show or not. Kokila is sure that she will free Meera out of jail, and prove Gaura conspiracy. Gaura very cleverly changes alive Dharam with a dead body, and takes him from the hospital in disguise of a ward boy. She rues to take revenge from Meera, Kokila and Vidya. Later, fake Dharam’s last rites is done, while all the family shed tears standing there. Gaura has fooled Meera by showing Dharam’s final rites conducted. Meera shouts and cries. She regrets for Dharam’s death. Gaura gets angry on Meera and pulls her hair. Gopi stops Gaura. Gaura has planned this to teach Meera and Modi family a lesson. Gaura takes away Dharam’s body from the woods and sends him in the ambulance. While leaving, Dharam hears Meera crying and does not listen to her. Gopi and Kokila get to know Dharam’s fake death news. Meera will also be knowing it and will get against Dharam for making joke of her emotions.


There is a cat fight between Ragini, Swara and Tania. Tania kidnaps Laksh and takes him somewhere. She plans to get him buried alive in a wall. Ragini sees Tania kidnapping Laksh and rushes to her car.

Jamai Raja:

DD was hanging over the cliff. Yash has planned this. Sid has tried best to save DD and scolds Yash for hurting DD. Yash slaps Sid and asks him to become perfect Jamai Raja now. Yash beats Sid a lot. Sid does not fight back as he is holding the rope to save DD. Yash wants to take revenge from Roshni and Sid. Yash first kidnapped Ayesha, and Sid rescued Ayesha. Sid has beaten up Yash that time, which provoked Yash more. Sid pulls the rope and asks Yash not to involve DD in their fight. Sid begs for DD’s life. Yash taunts Sid and gets knife to cut the rope. Roshni comes there and stops Yash. Yash pushes her away. Sid crawls on the ground and tries reaching DD. Yash burns the rope and asks Sid to save DD soon else she will be falling down the cliff. DD starts falling inside the cliff. Yash and Roshni run to see DD. Sid stops Yash and was beating him. Inspector stops Sid and arrests Yash.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara reads a letter from her husband and gets shocked. She argues with Thapki for snatching her family from her, and gets angry. Thapki confronts Vasundara about doing the same with her, and snatching her dreams. Thapki has kept the fake letter to break down Vasundara and know the truth. Vasundara reveals to Thapki about her every doings. Thapki didn’t expected Vasundara behind the conspiracy against her. Vasundara accepts that she broke Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage, as she hates stammering people. She tells her hatred towards Thapki. Thapki says I pity on your thinking and challenges Vasundara that she will become the perfect bahu now to show Vasundara that stammering does influence person’s real qualities.


Tara’s Dada ji sees Naira on wine shop and scolds her thinking she drinks. Later, he gets to know of the truth and apologizes to Naira. Naksh and Tara’s marriage will be happening in Tara’s village. Singhania and Maheshwari families have come with Shekhawat family to the village. Everyone is happy seeing the village. Dada ji and his grandsons welcome all the guests. Tara is happy after all problems between her and Naksh get solved. Naksh and Tara will romance in village in desi style.


Simar and Roli get together and catch Devil and Paatali Devi neat the temple. Simar throws chunri on the evil duo and tries to run away with Roli. During the big fight, Roli will be dying.


Rana ji dances in Rangeela style for Rageshwari. Rana ji is looking good in colorful clothes. Rageshwari laughs seeing him. Savitri has decorated the place for Rageshwari. Savitri has got Rana ji and Rageshwari on their date. Rana ji gives the flowers to Rageshwari. Rageshwari starts sneezing by allergy. Savitri has spoiled their date.



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