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Median zing spoilers


Abhi and Pragya’s life is full of drama. Pragya has got a slap from Tanu. Tanu has called Pragya by using Bulbul’s voice and fooled Pragya. Pragya has hugged Tanu and thought Bulbul is alive, but Tanu has threatened her and slapped her hard. Pragya then stops the second slap and tells Tanu that she will expose Tanu’s truth and not forget the slap sound echoing in her ears.


Vivaan asks for the milk and argues with Ranjana. Tejaswini is away with Kamal Narayan on the tour. Chakor tries explaining Vivaan a lot. Chakor has slapped Vivaan hard to make him leave the drugs. Ranjana gets shocked. Vivaan gets angry and shouts. Chakor slaps him as she is caring towards Vivaan and wants to make him freed of his drug addiction. Vivaan cries and Chakor explains him that he has to get fine for himself. She hugs him with love and is trying best to make him fine. Vivaan and Chakor will come close and their love story will start.


Paatali Devi is back. The devil’s powers are increasing now. The devil has done the magic to revive Paatali Devi from the statue. Paatali Devi comes to life and laughs. Simar and Roli get shocked seeing her. She attacks Simar. The devil has freed Paatali Devi to trouble Bharadawaj family more. Simar’s problems will get high now. Tantric Baba tries to save Simar from devil. But Paatali Devi attacks him and kills the tantric. Simar gets worried and tries to run away with Roli. Devil and Paatali Devi will be killing Roli.


Siya Ke Ram will get Hanuman’s entry, after Dasharath’s demise. Ram’s biggest devotee, his Param Bhakt Hanuman will be meeting him in the van. Ram and Hanuman’s meet will be super dramatic and most awaited.


Shanti has just one agenda to trap Riya in her plans. She spoiled the puja items so that blame comes on Riya. Riya comes downstairs and does not see Shanti. Shanti wants Riya to do big mistake. Shanti applies oil to the kalash and will make it fall to show the abshagun done by Riya. Riya will be blamed for the drama. Riya gets to know that if anything happens in Preeti’s marriage, she will have to leave the house as well. Riya cries after Shanti challenges her.


Gaura gets angry on Meera and takes Dharam in ambulance. Gaura pushes Meera from accompanying them in ambulance. Meera tells Gopi that she did not do this intentionally.


Tara was tired after playing the football match. Naksh gets Tara to the hotel on the way to make her rest for some time. Akshara and Dada ji spot Naksh and Tara there. Dada ji gets angry on Tara and takes her home. Akshara scolds Naksh for taking Tara to room. Naksh clears out that he just wanted Tara to take rest, as they got stuck in traffic and Tara was feeling unwell.

Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman:

Hanuman’s father Kesari has died by his mistake. Hanuman is crying and wants to revive his father back. He wants to battle with Yamraj. Hanuman does the final rites of his father. He shares his pain with his mother. Hanuman will get Kesari’s soul back by fighting with Yamraj. Yamraj tells Hanuman that Kesari’s soul has gone to another lok. Hanuman will be fighting with Devtas to get Kesari’s soul.


Rishi smiles seeing Tanu. He forwards hand to Tanu. He gets super shocked when Tanu brings the girl Neha in front. Tanu gives Neha’s hand to Rishi and makes them exchange rings. Neha and Rishi get engaged, and everyone show happiness. Tanu shows her annoyance by leaving from there. Tanu feels her life ruined as her relatives cheated her. Rishi wanted to go after Tanu, but family stops him. Rishi realized his life and he runs after Tanu, leaving everyone behind. Rishi will fall in fire round after his engagement, and once again Tanu will be saving his life.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah:

Gogi is appearing for board exams. Taarak, Jethalal, Babuji and everyone meet Gogi to inspire him and encourage him. Gogi feels pressure by everyone’s hope. Everyone gift Gogi and ask him to perform well. Gogi goes and locks himself in the room. He decides to not go for the exam. Tappu Sena gives some tips to Gogi to do well in the exam. Babuji gifts a pen to Gogi and blesses him. He asks Gogi to work hard and then he will succeed. Gogi’s parents have high hope and Gogi is tensed. Sodhi tells Gogi that he has to be like Tappu sena. The show brings the parents and children’s view on exams pressures felt by children and results expectations of parents.


Bihaan has finally realized that he is in love with Thapki. He is expressing love to Thapki’s photo. He shouts I love you Thapki, I m in love with you. He is confessing his love to the photo, as he is scared to express love to Thapki. Bihaan did not believe love till now, but he has fallen in intense love. Thapki’s photo flies by the air. Bihaan runs downstairs to get the photo. Shraddha will plan something new against Bihaan and Thapki.


Sandhya walks to home. Sandhya imagines Arzoo, holding the holi colors and crying. Arzoo tells Sandhya that she just wanted to play holi with the family. Sandhya is getting more guilt conscious. Sandhya rushes to home and throws all the holi colors angrily. the family gets shocked seeing Sandhya’s anger, which is actually on herself. Sandhya ruins the holi colors and cries aloud. Sooraj and Bhabho try asking her the reason. Sandhya is regretting and not able to forgive herself. She sees Arzoo everywhere, asking for justice.

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Begusari has taken 20 year leap and Bindiya will be shown in a powerful role. She will be dominating the village.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Raju has been imprisoned for Luthra’s murder. Raju has taken the blame on himself just to save Garima. Sunny has recorded Raju and Nandu’s marriage before so that he can use that footage to crack a deal with Nandu. Sunny shows the proof to Nandu and makes her glad that Raju can be freed from the jail. He instead asks Nandu to marry him. He puts the condition that Raju can be freed and proved innocent only when Nandu ends relations with Raju. Nandu who selflessly loves Raju, agrees to Sunny’s condition. Nandu decided to end her marriage with Raju. Sunny rejoices thinking Raju would not hear this big shock. Raju and Nandu’s love story gets heartbroken. Nandu realizes that breaking Raju’s heart is more worse any punishment for him. Will Raju be able to tackle Sunny?

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