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Median zing spoilers


Aaliya gets hurt while trying to save Tanu from car accident. Abhi gets concerned for Aaliya. It is actually Aaliya’s conspiracy to get back home. Tanu acts to be shocked seeing the car about to hit her.


Ishita meets Ruhaan oblivious to the fact that she is actually her loving daughter Ruhi. Both Mother and Daughter meet each other but is unaware of their relation. Ishita feels some connection with Ruhaan. Ruhi was not much young to forget Ishita.

Siya Ke Ram:

Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan cries badly. Ram wonders why they are crying? He looks at his mothers and gets shocked seeing his mums in widow clothes. He rushes to his mums and hugs them. He cries hugging his mum. He realizes that dad Raja Dasharath is no more. He puts the Asthi kalash in Ganga river and cries. Bharat asks Ram to come back to palace, but Ram determines to complete his vanvaas period and promises to return with Sita.


Meera is arrested by the Police on charges of Dharam’s murder. Ahem and Gopi run behind the police jeep. Gaura have been successful to send her to jail and ended her love with Dharam. Meera thinks Dharam is alive as kanha ji gives her sign and gets her maang filled with sindoor. Kokila’s clever mind starts working and she acts as spy. She thinks to find out about Dharam’s truth. Gaura asks Vidya not to come to her house and bans her.

Mere Angne Mein:

Amma ji tastes success when Kaushalya throws Riya’s stuff out and asks her to leave the house. Kaushalya takes out anger on Ria for not letting Preeti marry and helping her elope from the house. Amma ji blames her for ruining her respect. They misunderstand her and think she has helped Preeti. Shivam gets angry on Riya and his trust breaks. Riya has never thought that she can be insulted in the house. Riya cries and pleads innocence, but nobody listens to her. Riya leaves from the house crying.

Jamai Raja:

Sid is tensed because of DD’s memory loss, as she thinks Roshni is still unmarried. Sid meets his wife secretly. Once again, cat and mouse game have started between saas and Jamai, as DD have reached to the phase when Roshni was not married. She says Resham shouted that thief have entered home, they begin searching in the house and couldn’t find any thief. Sid comes out running from Roshni’s room as he is afraid of lizard. DD gets angry at him and slaps at him. Sid and Roshni will present their love story and moments infront of DD. DD throws chappals, books, pot, and water on Sid, thinking he came to meet Roshni. Sid tries to escape from her attacks. Sid comes with his baggage and says he will stay outside her house. He sings a song and irks DD. DD gets angry on Sid. Sid is trying to make DD remember everything.


Ragini and Swara are celebrating Ghangaur puja at their house. Annapurna asks Swara and Ragini to dress up as a marwadi bride.


Yamini stabs Shesha mercilessly. Shesha is shocked. Yamini was very much angry and have tried to kill her, but until Shivanya is there, Shesha can’t die. It is yet to be seen if it is Yamini’s dream or reality.

Yeh Rishta KKH:

Naksh and Tara are getting married in a Haryanvi style. Naksh is looking like a haryanvi guy. Akshara applies mehendi on her hand during mehendi rasam. Naitik’s Dadi bua runs after Tara’s Dada ji holding the stick and says it is a ritual of our village. Dada ji says he didn’t her about the rasam before. Bua Dadi asks him to let her do the rasam. Akshara likes their haryanvi look with oxidized jewelry.


Roli dies in the show. Simar and Sid gives agni to Roli’s dead body, as per Roli’s last wish. Sid blames Simar for Roli’s death, and refuses to let her give fire to his wife, but Mata ji solve the matter and asks them to give fire together. There was a big drama near the dead body, and Sid agrees on Mata’s insistence. Simar is also going through the same pain, but Sid doesn’t understand her pain.


Rishi have realized his love for Tanu. Tanu gets jealous seeing Rishi closeness with Neha, as he makes her wear necklace. Rishi and Neha’s mehendi rituals begins. Tanu looks at the locket which Rishi gave to her in childhood.


  1. sadda haq plz.. getting irritated by continuously asking a for its spoilor bt still it is nt provided..plz provide it

  2. if any one want to develop in their life then stop watching these idoitic serials, these just eat our brain n time…
    and make us irritated with idiotic twists.
    u can watch very very few but finally they also become wrost
    so better stop watching them
    from now better to stop watching them


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