Akshara and Naitik to face separation; Big twists ahead…


yeh rishta5

Dada ji dances happily along with everyone in Naksh and Tara’s sangeet. Dada ji comes in ghunghat and shows his bindaas side. Dada ji enjoys a lot in Naksh and Tara’s pre marriage functions. He makes everyone dance. Dada ji makes Sangram and Vikram grind the mehendi for Tara so that mehendi turns very dark on her hands. Naksh writes his name on Tara’s hands. Everyone seem to be very happy and dance. Even Naksh and Tara dance with everyone. Naksh’s bachelors party will be shown. It will be different. Sanju and Naksh dance in the party. Sanju has come to attend Naksh’s marriage and makes his bachelor’s party rocking. Naksh, Yash, Sangram and others attend the party. Tara gets to know of this bachelor’s party and scolds him. It was Sangram’s idea to make Naksh enjoy before marriage. Akshara misses Naitik. Naitik is away for work purpose and would be falling in big problem risking his life.



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