Highlight: Ritik to know Shivanya’s Naagin truth



There will be many revelations in the show. Yamini wants to get naagmani anyhow and is using Sesha. Shivanya takes revenge and hangs Ankush on the tree by the rops. Ritik has got to know that Shivanya is a Naagin, he is super shocked. He loves Shivanya a lot, and he always trusted her. Yamini wanted to show the truth to Ritik. Shivanya will be killing Ankush. Yamini provokes Ritik against Shivanya, as she has killed his father. Shivanya is sure Ritik will understand her as he loves her a lot. Ritik starts hating Shivanya. Yamini wants to kill Ritik’s real father Sangram Singh and even Ritik and Sesha. Yamini is executing her plans. This is becoming an interesting revengeful drama.



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