TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Raman has become more stylish. He dons a tattoo and looks more dashing. Raman did not marry Shagun till now, and Mrs. Bhalla wants Raman and Shagun to get married. Mani has proposed Ishita, and Ishita refused to Mani as she loves just Raman. Ruhaan will be bringing Raman and Ishita together.


Dada ji dances happily along with everyone in Naksh and Tara’s sangeet. Dada ji comes in ghunghat and shows his bindaas side. Dada ji enjoys a lot in Naksh and Tara’s pre marriage functions. He makes everyone dance. Dada ji makes Sangram and Vikram grind the mehendi for Tara so that mehendi turns very dark on her hands. Naksh writes his name on Tara’s hands. Everyone seem to be very happy and dance. Even Naksh and Tara dance with everyone. Naksh’s bachelors party will be shown. It will be different. Sanju and Naksh dance in the party. Sanju has come to attend Naksh’s marriage and makes his bachelor’s party rocking. Naksh, Yash, Sangram and others attend the party. Tara gets to know of this bachelor’s party and scolds him. It was Sangram’s idea to make Naksh enjoy before marriage. Akshara misses Naitik. Naitik is away for work purpose and would be falling in big problem risking his life.


There will be many revelations in the show. Yamini wants to get naagmani anyhow and is using Sesha. Shivanya takes revenge and hangs Ankush on the tree by the ropes. Ritik has got to know that Shivanya is a Naagin, he is super shocked. He loves Shivanya a lot, and he always trusted her. Yamini wanted to show the truth to Ritik. Shivanya will be killing Ankush. Yamini provokes Ritik against Shivanya, as she has killed his father. Shivanya is sure Ritik will understand her as he loves her a lot. Ritik starts hating Shivanya. Yamini wants to kill Ritik’s real father Sangram Singh and even Ritik and Sesha. Yamini is executing her plans. This is becoming an interesting revengeful drama.


Rishi smiles seeing Tanu. They have an eyetalk and playing with stares. They make each other realize their love. Tanu is avoiding him, and he stops her holding her dupatta. She collides with him and the gifts fall. Rishi and Neha’s mehendi function is going on, and Rishi is after Tanu. Tanu is confused thinking what Rishi wants. Neha wants to use Rishi’s silence and marry him soon. Neha does not care that Rishi is not happy to marry her. Rishi is confused too and this will clear at marriage time. That will bring a new twist.

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Kajal’s mu dikhai is going on. Kajal dons the ghunghat and sits infront of the ladies. Janki Devi has decided to accept her bahu. Janki calls the dancers to perform on item song. Two guest ladies taunt Kajal badly on her character. Kajal lifts the ghunghat and gives a great reply to the ladies. Kajal explains them the importance of sindoor and mangalsutra. Janki planned those women to insult Kajal, but then she takes Kajal’s side to trap her.

Meri Awaaz Hi Meri Pehchaan Hai:

Kalyaani has come to record her first song with Vikrant, she gets nervous and does not sing well. Vikrant knows she is nervous and tells her that he also fell nervous during his first song recording. He pacifies her and asks her to sing well. He helps her to make her a great singer. He knows her talent. Kalyani and Vikrant’s story will start now.


Gaura is unconscious and doctor checks her. Kokila and Gopi are spying. Gopi gets some call and gets to know that Gaura is doing drama. Gopi tells the truth to Shravan. Shravan does not believe her and scolds her. Gopi says she will not sit quiet till she brings Dharam back.


The ladies dance on Ghumar song. Swara and Ragini dance with everyone and seem to be very happy. They hug. Ghangaur is celebrated in grand way in Swaragini. The sisters are expressing their happiness this way by dancing on ghumar song. The Rajasthani festival is celebrated well. Ghangaur is celebrated for happy marriages. Maheshwari family needs to celebrate it, as Ragini happily married Laksh, and Swara and Sanskaar has peace. The sisters dance on Aara ra aayo re mera dholna…..


Rana ji and Savitri are in market. Rana ji wants to buy a saree to thank Savitri. Rana ji says I thought to give a personal gift to Savitri. Savatri gets glad by his gesture.

Jamai Raja:

Sid is dancing to make DD recall an old moment. Roshni is shocked and looks on. Sid has done a lot to make DD’s memory come back. Sid is trying to impress DD by singing and dancing, but DD thinks Sid is cheapster. Sid is real Jamai Raja, he will not leave trying till he gets DD’s memory return. Sid dances with Roshni and DD gets angry. Sid says I m trying to irritate DD, I can’t explain her directly so I m trying to make her recall. Sid makes faces and irritates her. DD slaps him angrily. Mai hun most wanted munda….. plays in BG.



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