Chandramani’s entry next in Sasural Simar Ka…



There is new entry in SSK. There will be thriller in the show now. Roli had died and Siddhant has gone mad. He wants revenge and tries to kill Simar. Everyone stop him. The family thinks what happened to Siddhant. Simar came to meet nt to know his state, but he attacks her. He feels Simar tries to show her greatness and they lost Roli. A family member of Bharadwaj family will be dying and then suspense will be made to find the killer.

Chandramani has come down from the sky and is the new glittering witch in the show. There will be new twist as one of the family member will be dying. She is the Chandramani which all the Daayans and Shaitaan wanted to get. Simar has hurt Chandramani. Chandramani has come to take revenge from Bharadwaj family. Siddhant talks to the stars and wants to connect to Roli. He holds Roli’s ashes and misses Roli. Chandramani looks at Siddhant. Siddhant holds Simar responsible for Roli’s death. Chandramani will be teaming up with Siddhant to create new problems for Simar.


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