Meera’s love for Dharam to intensify in Saathiya…



Gaura is unconscious and doctor checks her. Kokila and Gopi are spying. Gopi gets some call and gets to know that Gaura is doing drama. Gopi tells the truth to Shravan. Shravan does not believe her and scolds her. Gopi says she will not sit quiet till she brings Dharam back.

Meera is going to jail. She dresses as a bride and has hope that her Dharam will come back. She applies sindoor and smiles. Meera loves Dharam and is ready to bear any punishment. She is going to get hanged for the death of Dharam, there was no murder and even then she is facing the jail. She makes a wish that she wants to die as a suhaagan. She cries recalling Dharam. She says I m sure that my Dharam ji will surely come, I will be with my family soon. She is confident as Gopi and Kokila have told her that Dharam is alive. She has faith that Dharam and her family will save her. Gopi stands on Kokila’s shoulders and looks inside some window. They both try to find Dharam to prove Meera innocent.


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