Hanuman’s unique meet with Ram next in Siya Ke Ram…



Ram, Sita and Laxman have reached the Atri ashram. Mata Anusuya gives some clothes to Sita. Sita and Ram will be blessed by Mata Anusuya, who is a pious lady. Ram gets Mata Anusuya’s son, whom they got in the jungle. Mata Anusuya stays with her husband Rishi Atri in the ashram, which is home for many devotees. Mata Anusuya gets glad seeing her son back and hugs him. Ram and everyone are crossing the hurdles coming in the jungle. Mata Anusuya is blessed with magical powers by her pure devotion. Mata Anusuya gets equally glad meeting Janak’s daughter Sita. Mata Anusuya gives a pure saree to Sita, which will not be stained ever and also preserve Sita’s beauty.

Sita says Ram will be protecting me, but who will be acting as shield to Ram. Her question gets answered in the form of Hanuman. Hanuman and Ram’s meeting will be very unique. Hanuman will be making a heroic entry. The kids play and spot Hanuman. They ask him to make them fly in the sky. Hanuman lifts the kids and flies in the air. Hanuman will be the biggest devotee of Shri Ram since childhood and would be dreaming to meet him some day. His dream comes true when he meets Ram, and takes Ram’s permission to serve Ram in his vanvaas.


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