TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Ishita meets Pihu accidentally in Sydney hotel. She makes her eat pastry unknowingly. Pihu tries to stop Ishita. She remembers that she is the same aunty whose photo is hanged in their house. It is yet to be seen if Pihu will help her parents to unite. On the other hand, Raman saves Ruhaan from a problem. Ruhaan happens to come to the same hotel, where Raman and Ishita have come. Ruhaan gets shocked seeing them and reacts angrily.


Abhi takes Pragya’s signatures after making her drink wine. Pragya gets drowsy and signs on the divorce papers unknowingly. She gets on the car’s rooftop and asks Abhi to be with her always. Abhi gets sad and feels bad for his betrayal. They have an eye lock. Later, Abhi gives divorce papers to Tanu. Tanu gets happy and hugs him. It is yet to be seen what will Pragya do now.


Sid is about to fill Roshni’s maang when DD stops him and slaps him hard. Zor Ka Jhatka plays……….Sid feels it is a welcome thing. Sid plays dhol and Roshni dances on the song. They start romancing infront of everyone.


Ram, Sita and Laxman have reached the Atri ashram. Mata Anusuya gives some clothes to Sita. Sita and Ram will be blessed by Mata Anusuya, who is a pious lady. Ram gets Mata Anusuya’s son, whom they got in the jungle. Mata Anusuya stays with her husband Rishi Atri in the ashram, which is home for many devotees. Mata Anusuya gets glad seeing her son back and hugs him. Ram and everyone are crossing the hurdles coming in the jungle.


All the ladies cut the woods and compete with men. The men has challenged the women to cut wood with the axe. The ladies win the competition. The women ask the men to wear sarees and win the competition. The men also succeed. Tara’s Dada ji wears the saree and makes the team win. After Tara and naksh’s marriage, Tara’s family will be leaving from the show.


Sooraj is crying and folding hands to request commissioner to save Sandhya. Sandhya is in political trap and is announced mentally ill. She is kept in mental hospital and Sooraj can’t bear this trap. Commissioner tells Sooraj that he can’t help him, as Sandhya has been really acting weird and mad regarding Arzoo’s case. Minister Purushottam succeeds to exclude Sandhya from Arzoo’s case.


Badi Rani tries to burn Savitri, but Savitri gets saved and brings a pandit. Pandit tells about Badi Rani and Rageshwari’s conspiracy. Rana ji is shocked. Later, Badi Rani throws water on Savitri’s face.


There is a competition to get naag mani between Yamini, Guru Maa and Shesha. They are fighting to get naag mani as it has powers. Ritik is about to give naag mani to Shivanya. Just then Shesha and Yamini come there and take Naag mani from her hands. Ritik comes to know that Shesha is a nagin. He couldn’t believe it. Yamini shoots at Ritik’s dad and he falls down. Guru Maa manages to get Naagmani and acts madly in greed.


Tanu’s roka is happening. Rishi is unable to confess his feelings to her. Tanu is sad and crying, but can’t do anything, than sitting silent and let the roka happen. Rishi is shattering too, but unable to emote anything. He looks at Tanu and they both get teary eyed. Rishi has loved Tanu, and could not get her. They come face to face and yet do not speak a word for each other. Tanu cries seeing Rishi around her. Rishi’s mum has asked for the chunri, and Rishi had to come there. He makes Tanu wear the chunri, and its big moment for him. Rishi and Tanu will unite or not, will be interesting to see. Rishi’s mum does all rituals unknowingly.


Swara is dancing in the jashn with Bharadwaj family. Its Baisaikhi celebrations in the show. Roli has died and Simar and Mata ji are trying to make everyone happy to bring some good moments. Simar needs to be ready for Chandramani.



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