Simar to get a tough challenge by Chandramani



Simar meets Prem at a restaurant. Prem says he does not remember Simar. He does not recognize her and has lost his memory. Simar’s new mission is to save Prem from Chandramani. Prem and Chandramani meet on a date. Mata ji has sent Prem to make Chandramani happy so that he gets help in his career. Simar tries to convince Prem that he is her husband. Prem realizes they have some relation by her touch. Simar works hard to get Prem’s memory back. She shows their marriage photo. Chandramani’s spell on Prem will not end so soon. Chandramani says anyone’s photo can be edited and calls Simar a liar. Simar rushes to hospital to meet her mother in law. She has to save her mum in law and stop Prem’s marriage with Chandramani. How would Simar manage? Keep reading.


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