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Raman and Ishita board the same flight. A passenger on board hijacks the plane. He aims at Ishita and orders her to sit. He tells everyone that he is a hijacker and has just hijacked the plane, if anyone acts smart, he will just shoot. Raman and Ishita did not know they are close. Ishita does not see Raman. But after the plane hijack, there is tension in the environment. The man has hijacked the plane for the sake of his love. The man wants to go Delhi to meet his girlfriend. He hijacks the Mumbai flight, and asks the pilot to take the flight to Delhi airport. The man has a fake gun with him, and scares everyone.



Akshara gives some tips to Tara before the marriage. Naksh and Tara’s grand marriage is happening. Tara gets emotional talking to her brothers. Akshara makes Naksh wear the sehra. Akshara gets to know about Tara’s prenuptial agreement. Tara refuses for the contract, and someone else gets those papers. There are misunderstandings between Tara and family. Akshara asks Tara to share her worries with her, and not fall in anyone’s words. Tara goes and does aarti of her brothers and Dada ji. They all hug Tara. Naksh and Tara’s marriage will have a big twist.



Simar meets Prem at a restaurant. Prem says he does not remember Simar. He does not recognize her and has lost his memory. Simar’s new mission is to save Prem from Chandramani. Prem and Chandramani meet on a date. Mata ji has sent Prem to make Chandramani happy so that he gets help in his career. Simar tries to convince Prem that he is her husband. Prem realizes they have some relation by her touch. Simar works hard to get Prem’s memory back. She shows their marriage photo. Chandramani’s spell on Prem will not end so soon. Chandramani says anyone’s photo can be edited and calls Simar a liar. Simar rushes to hospital to meet her mother in law. She has to save her mum in law and stop Prem’s marriage with Chandramani.



Ragini slaps Rajat. He has spoken badly with Dadi, which angers Ragini. He asks how dare Ragini can slap him. Ragini angrily shouts and scolds him, asking him to get lost. Rajat will ruin Swara and Ragini’s lives. Laksh jokes on Ragini over the slap incident. Ragini feels guilty to slap Rajat later. Rajat will pose as a big challenge for Swara and Ragini.


Rana ji and Gayatri are romancing, they got this chance by much difficulty. Mann mast magan…..plays…………… Rana ji and Gayatri dance and spend some sweet moments. Its Lakhan and Suvarna’s haldi. Rana ji stops Gayatri and romances her. They apply haldi to each other. Chetan Hansraj has entered the show as a killer. His character would be of a dangerous serial killer. Before the leap, the new entry of Kaal will happen.



Durga got to know that Dharam is alive. Gaura gives injections to Dharam to keep him unconscious. She takes care of Dharam and asks him not to worry, she is with her. Gaura does not want Dharam to come infront of anyone. Durga meets Dharam and is shocked. Gaura explains Durga that Dharam will be with her, and acts sweet to her. She calls Durga very lucky to have her life partner, Meera would be going away from her life forever. Gaura is waiting for right time to declare Dharam alive by some excuse, once Meera gets punished by court.

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Janki and Kajal are not on good terms. The saas-bahu had to perform in the sangeet function. Janki and Kajal dance in the jugal bandi round. Kajal makes Janki lose in the dance. Raunak gets ready in a saree to attend the women sangeet function. Raunak walks in the sangeet function and falls infront of Janki and Kajal. Janki gets embarrassed seeing him and turns angry. She leaves from there. There will be new twist. Raunak and Kajal would be losing the house.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

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Soumya and Yuvraaj did not marry and stay as a happily married couple. Dadi gets to know of their fake relation. Dadi tries to confirm about Yuvraaj and Soumya’s namesake relation. Soumya and Yuvraaj fool Dadi. Yuvraaj wants to make sure that none knows the fact that he did not marry Soumya. Yuvraaj still loves Suhani, and Soumya has Krishna’s memories. On the other hand, Suhani bears the pain of raising her son alone. She waits for the day when Yuvraaj forgives her. Suhani and Yuvraaj apply for the same contract. They would be meeting in Lucknow and try to get the same fashion house deal to boost up their respective business.


Jeevan also loves Swadheenta since many years and does not let her go easily. He cancels the engagement to directly keep the marriage. Swadheenta realizes her feelings for Adarsh, after seeing how hardly he is trying. Swadheenta takes a lesson from Asad and Radhika’s love story too. She fears for Adarsh, recalling Asad’s accident after his heart break. Swadheenta admits her love to Adarsh, after his constant selfless attempts to win her heart. All gets well for the lovers, and next phase comes the families’ approval.

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Sandhya and Arzoo catch minister Purushottam at the police headquarters. Sandhya is going to expose Purushottam. She puts kerosene on minister and stops him. She tells Purushottam that it was all her plan. Arzoo comes there and Sandhya asks Arzoo to light minister. Purushottam asks police to help him and stop Sandhya. He gets commissioner and asks him to see what Sandhya is doing. Sandhya asks Purushottam to answer her true, and makes him admit everything. Purushottam gets super tensed and accepts everything. Sandhya shows the moments live on media. Purushottam’s lie is exposed. Commissioner slaps Purushottam. Sooraj congratulates Sandhya and hugs her.

Yeh Vaada Raha:

yeh vaada

Survi is making Kartik marry Meher. Survi has to protect her husband and is helples. Survi cries seeing Kartik marrying someone else. Kartik makes Meher wear garlands and did marriage according to all rituals. Taai is happy that Survi and Kartik are separated. Kartik is marrying Meher for his sister’s sake. The big twist is Survi’s pregnancy. Kartik’s sister Shanti’s life is in risk, Ranvir married Shanti by cheating her, and Shanti is now trapped. Survi wants to help out Shanti and is sacrificing her love.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

All the couples take part in the competition and eat mango with their mouths, as their hands are tied. Thapki don’t want to participate, but she is forced to participate. Shraddha ties everyone hands and asks everyone to take part. Shraddha and Dhruv sit back and look at the couple romance over eating mango. Bihaan wins in the competition and gets a big mango. Everyone claps for them and later have mangoes.

Siya Ke Ram:

Shri Ram enters Panchwadi with Sita and Laxman. There is a leap of 10 years. Sita leaves her hand prints on the walls of the hut. Ravan will kidnap Sita from the same hut. On the other hand, Hanuman protects Sugreev’s to be wife Roma and completes Sugreev’s love story.


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