Highlight: Bihaan and Thapki back on good terms…



Thapki is trying to find out who has stabbed Bau ji. She gets doubt on the burqa clad person. Bihaan realizes Thapki’s efforts to prove him innocent and having trust on him. Thapki gets a letter from that person and is asked to meet at the godown at night, if she wants to save Bihaan. She goes at night and reaches the godown. Bihaan wakes up and does not find Thapki in room. He sees pillows in her place and calls her. She does not answer his call. He gets the letter and reads it. The man tries to stab Thapki. She screams seeing the man.


Bihaan reaches there and looks for Thapki. He hears her scream and shouts. He saves Thapki in nick of the time. Bihaan gets emotional and realizes his mistake to misunderstand Thapki. He apologizes to Thapki for being very rude to her. Thapki and Bihaan decide to end their annoyance and find out the real culprit. They both get together to get the culprit punished and get justice for Bau ji.


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