High Five Spoilers



Tashan E Ishq:

Yuvraj has risked his life to save Kunj and Twinkle. Yuvraj gets to know that Anita has planted bomb in Twinkle’s car. He follows Kunj and Twinkle’s car on his bike. He gets close to their car and jumps on the car, leaving his bike. Kunj and Twinkle get shocked seeing Yuvraj, and think he has come to trouble them. They did not know about the bomb, and did not expect Yuvraj would help them. Yuvraj is not a villain anymore. He has turned into a hero. Twinkle has saved Yuvraj’s life when he has burnt his house. He felt guilty that he was against Twinkle. Now he has come to return her favor. Yuvraj hangs to the car and removes the bomb from the car tyre. Yuvraj’s mother has planted the bomb, but Yuvraj is changing into a good person. Yuvraj rescues Kunj and Twinkle. Humanity is coming back in Yuvraj. He throws the bomb falls and jumps away from the car. Yuvraj gets hurt. Twinkle and Kunj worry for him.


Suhani is celebrating good time with the kids. She throws a great party for the children. Suhani feels bad seeing Yuvani behaving bad with her. Dadi and Soumya make Yuvani misbehave with Suhani. Suhani could not say Yuvani that they have mother-daughter relation. Suhani feels helpless to see Dadi’s bad upbringing in form affecting her daughter.


There is Icchadhaari honey bee in the show. The honey bee enters Sangram’s body. But his Ved ji applies the honey lep on Sangram’s stomach. The honey bee leaves Sangram’s body. Sangram has changed and wants the Naagmani to handover to someone. Shivanya’s mum had a connection with Sangram Singh. They both protected Naagmani. Shivanya’s mum appears to meet Shivanya and convey her a message.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWkZ0pV6Id8]

Kumkum Bhagya:

Nikhil has met with an accident. There is much drama in the show. Pragya gets saved. Tanu checks where Nikhil is alive or not. Nikhil gets angry and shouts on her. Tanu did not know Nikhil will open eyes and scold her. Nikhil did not know Sarla will come and save Pragya. Nikhil and Tanu are still planning evil. Tanu does not care Aaliya dies or Nikhil, but she is still trying to injure Pragya. Sarla has saved Pragya. Pragya and Sarla will teach lesson to Nikhil and Tanu.


Chandramani has lost all her powers and is acting good to everyone. Simar is supporting Chandramani and became her good friend. Bharadwaj family has sympathy for Chandramani. Chandramani is helpless and crying. She apologizes to everyone. Simar is helping her a lot. Chandramani gets impressed by Simar’s care. A burqa clad woman comes to stab Simar. Chandramani comes in between and gets stabbed. She saves Simar’s life. Simar decides to make Chandramani fine. The new track will be fun filled. Chandramani will have a major role in this new track. Simar will turn into the bee and all the family members would be waiting for Simar at home. Simar is cursed and wishes someone relieves her of the Aghori Baba’s curse.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peyske69dzg]



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