Fun riot begins with Shaalu’s entry in May I Come In Madam



Mr. Sajan has turned into Shaalu, so that he can stay close with Sanjana. Sanjana and Sanju got friendly. Sajan has taken the baby doll’s look. Sanjana likes Shaalu and thinks Shaalu will be good as her dad’s life partner. Sajan’s boss Chedilal flirts with Shaalu. He says his good fate has come as Shaalu. Chedilal takes a young avatar to match Shaalu. Sajan gets the big shock as Chedilal proposes Shaalu.


Sanju gets to know that women speak their heart out in female company. Sajan has taken Sajni’s avatar. He goes home and befriends Kashmira. Kashmira doubts whether Sajni is really Sajan and starts taking some tests to know his truth. Kashmira is more smarter than Sanju and will surely catch him.


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