Highlight: Niddhi to use Ruhi to ruin IshRa…



Raman tells Ishita that he don’t love her anymore, and is dead for him 7 years ago. Ishita is shocked. Their love story have turned to hatred. Raman tells her that he doesn’t want to see her around him. Ishita have returned to him, but he thinks her guilty and makes it clear that he will not let her come back in his life again. They are against each other because of Ruhaan. Ruhaan has signed contract with both of them. Meanwhile Niddhi asks Ruhi to apply bindi on her forehead, and says you don’t need to be Ruhaan again. Ruhi is in pain. Who will win in Ruhi and Ruhaan’s game. Ruhi who has become Ruhaan is remembering her childhood. Niddhi informs her that Raman is marrying Shagun. Ruhi doesn’t know what is happening? Ruhi is the face of Raman’s project, and Niddhi is using her to ruin Raman. Niddhi thinks to reveal Ruhi’s secret to Raman and Ishita, and play with their emotions.


  1. Please do not play so much with human emotions in uniting Raman and Ishita that people loose faith in relationships. I can understand your need to create drama – but why does it have to be that a women (Ishita) has to bear all the pain and Raman has the right of acceptance or rejection – when he was equally responsible in deciding to send Ruhi to Nidhi….?

  2. ya raman was the main reason to send ruhi to nidhi. During the fire accident how can hr blame only ishita.. really too much of drama…


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